Life Insurance Companies in Hanalei

You remember Jackie Paper don’t you? He was the little boy who discovered the friendly and magical dragon named Puff. As the Rhyme went, Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea and frolicked in the Autumn mist in a land called Hanalei. Well, growing up I you never really know all the little nuances and meanings that are behind grownup created cartoons and media. Messages do not need be hidden too deep when the audience doesn’t have the adequate reference points born from experience in life.

What I am getting at here is that when all is said and done, little Jackie rolls paper and smokes and puffs his way to a magical land called Hanalei where nothing is real and everything is hunky dory. Meanwhile, back in reality his parents worry about him, his grades slip and he is rewiring his brain to dull all of life’s real joys in the absence of Puff and he’s dangerously on the road to long term nowhere.

With that said, and without asking my audience to become Cheech and Chong fans, I want to take you to a magical place where everyone is taken care of no one is forgotten. No, it’s not the bar Cheers either, but just hear me out.

On the main street into Hanalei there lies several little shops. Now of course everyone knows that there is no death in Hanalei, instead there is what they call slipping away. Use whatever euphemism you choose, but these little shops are necessities in Hanalei, for you see, when the happy people of this land go to a better place (hard to imagine a better place than Hanalei) they leave behind their loved ones that remain happy despite their parting. And it is through a quick stop at the little shops that dot the entrance to the Hanalei village square that this is made possible.

So, what is so special about these shops? Everyone calls them Life Protection Huts. In this land we would call them Life Insurance Companies. The “huts,” with a simple signature and no further thought, leave behind all the puffable belongings and more to those who stay behind when the signer passes on. It is the Hanaleian’s way of providing for the future. When guiding a new recruit into the village they take their responsibility seriously to stop first at the huts and instill in their magic filled friends a sense of importance about first signing these papers before toking on the other ones.

It is all set up quite well in Hanalei. Everyone is cared for, everyone has insurance and they all know, but never think that the day they will shuffle along into the ground is coming sooner than later. Oh, to be in a magical place like Hanalei! Well, since I refuse to go, I may as well do my best to make this place the best it can be. Can you think of what it would do to the strain on the government purse if families stayed together and if the head of those families provided for a day when they would be gone? We are not in Hanalei, but no need. We have life insurance companies in this land. Make use of them and make reality a better place!

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