The Miracle That 1/2 Hour of Exercise Can Play in Your Life

Can you limit your sitting and sleeping to just 23  and 1/2 hours a day?

That’s the question Dr. Mike Evans asks in a wonderfully lively YouTube video that explains why exercise is the king of the health-improvement treatments. Click Here to See.

Dr. Evans wants us to think about which “treatment” has the greatest “return on investment.”  Hands-down, exercise beats out the other vital considerations and actions that we take to avoid disease and death:  smoking less, weighing less, eating more fiber, getting cancer screenings, controlling cholesterol intake– and exercising.

He says that while he doesn’t want us to minimize our efforts in any area, the truth is that exercise matters the most.

Exercise reduces dementia and alzheimer’s; it helps with knee arthritis; it reduces the risk of hip fracture in postmenopausal women; it alleviates anxiety, depression and fatigue.

The list is long.  Exercise is almost a miracle medicine.  And without it, we’re in trouble.

Low fitness is the strongest predictor of death– above being a smoker, above being obese, above hypertension, high cholesterol, or diabetes, Dr. Evans explained, citing a study.  Low fitness is the most dangerous –and the very avoidable— characteristic of early fatality.

And Dr. Evans is not talking about, or recommending, triathlons; these studies used mostly walking– just walking— for half an hour.  Walking for a short half hour a few times a week had large implications for healing, and for preventing disease and early death.

This video lecture made me want to get moving!  Get off the chair.  Get on my feet.  Run around the block. Do some yoga.  Walk the dog.  Take the stairs.  Join a jazzercise class.  This simple act, exercise, adds years to our lives.

We gotta just do it!

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