Don't Live Your Life in the Dark: Fighting the Winter Blues

March is when the winter blues kick in. The magically white snow has melted revealing the ugly brown earth that looks soggy. The weather wanes between pleasant and frigid quicker than you can blink and it seems as if everyone is crabby. In my region, this syndrome lasts until May, which only further dampens the psyche of the people who live here.

The winter blues or SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is real. After the excitement of Christmas and New Year, we are left with no big holiday until Memorial Day in May. Cue the depression.

It is not just the lack of holiday cheer that makes people feel blue. Cloudy skies mean lack of vitamin D, an important vitamin that affects your mood significantly.

How do you know if you have the winter blues? If you are irritable, tired, moody and feeling depressed around the winter months, you could be suffering from the winter blues. But thankfully, you do not have to suffer until the birds start to sing again. You can beat the winter blues and here is how.

  • Exercise. Physical activity is the surefire way to beat the blues in anytime of year. To quote Legally Blonde, “exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don’t kill their husbands.” And happy people simply do not get the winter blues. Take physical activity indoors and join an indoor basketball league, swim team or racquetball. Anything that will get you active will be good for your mind and body.
  • Eat well. Exercising and eating well go hand in hand. In addition to caring for your body, eating well has positive effects on your mind. A well rounded diet affects your mood and irritability. A steady healthy diet will help your energy levels stay level which will help you avoid low points in your day.
  • Let there be light. Sunlight is the easiest way to get vitamin D, which is an important mood booster. But with crummy weather and a long work week, finding time to get that much needed sunshine is hard to come by. Consider phototherapy, an artificial light that mimics the affects of the sunlight, to help combat the blues. If not, consider taking a walk during your lunch break to soak up as much sun as possible.
  • Fill up your social calendar. Communicating and interacting with other people is an instant mood booster. Instead of curling up and watching TV every night, make plans with friends and get out of the house. At work, take frequent breaks to boost your mood. Go out to lunch with friends. Instead of emailing a co-worker, walk over to their desk for some face-to-face communication (and a little exercise, too!).
  • Get out of town. The best way to rise out of the winter blues is to have something to look forward to. Plan a fabulous beach vacation for March or April to give you a focus and to give you respite from the crummy weather.


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