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The process of getting affordable life insurance

Getting to Affordable Life Insurance, a Process

There are so many life insurance companies that are offering almost the same type of coverage but finding the best and most affordable life insurance policy will need a thorough research of a certain company. In which you should take under consideration of finding the stability and foundation of the company.  Most policies for smokers are not cheap.  They help cover basic financial expenses and debts. Life Insurance companies take time to help and provide a policy to smokers to cover these things also but again are not cheap.

There are small companies that will offer you different types of program that will save you a lot of money on your annual premium but if you look at the fine print of the actual insurance policy, you will noticed that there are several things that are not covered unlike some of those major providers, they will give you a policy that will satisfy the insured as well as their beneficiary. That is most important aspects of having the right offering from a dependable life insurance policy provider which protect your financial situation.  By choosing people policies for smokers with reliable quotes shoppers can budget an amount to pay over their length.  Affordable life insurance term policies for your family save a fair cost on the quote.

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Finding the right firm will not be too difficult if you know what to do and search for the right information. You can check the background of the firm,  all the major investors or corporate officers.  By doing this, you can satisfy yourself and all members of your family that, in the event of death and a claim happens, you do not have to worry about anything. Your main concern is that your family will have peace of mind not how cheap the premiums were.  You get more affordable quotes at an early age depending on your health in choosing to buy appropriate death benefits from helpful and honest companies.

As a customer you will have the right to do your own investigation and inquiry if the company you are dealing with have some major complains from the Department of Insurance. Most of the time, if a provider has one simple complaint, the insurance commissioner will not tolerate and will seek all necessary action to settle that specific complaint right away. They will prioritize that complaint and the life insurance company themselves would not jeopardize the identity and stability of their insurance company.  Life insurance shopping for a good financial value will help cover over the term.

Another thing to consider in finding the best insurance company is their sales person. Those agent should be properly licensed to insured in the state where they are going to sell a term insurance policy. They should know what they are doing they should not have any pending case or any prior suspension with the Department of  Insurance. As an insured, you have the right to request for all the suspended license in your area and you can also find out if the agent you are dealing with was involve in any fraudulent scheme. That is very important because you don’t want to be paying your life insurance policy and next you know, your premium payment is not going to the life insurance company.

It is always good to have peace of mind knowing that your family is well taken care of in times of needs. Unexpected situations can happen at any time and no one can actually determine of when it would happen. That is why it is in your best interest to make sure that every thing is well taking care of by your life insurance agent. Make sure to keep all important documents.   Including copies of the receipt that you  received when you first paid for the affordable life insurance coverage and all other documents for your future reference.

A Cheap Life Insurance Policy – Or Affordable

Things to Consider About Cheap Life Insurance

People have known for a long time the importance of a cheap life insurance policy. They realize that without it, their loved ones will probably suffer a great deal more than if they had just decided to get an insurance policy a few years back. Some people though have this pre-conceived notion that it is just not affordable for the average Joe’s income. They think it is much too costly especially on top of normal coverage. This leaves the middle class thinking that only the wealthy can afford it. However, this is simply, thankfully, not the case. There is such a thing as affordable insurance.

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Now one thing you must understand is that there is a difference between an “affordable” life insurance policy and a “cheap” life insurance policy. Anyone can get a cheap life insurance policy- a quick and easy Google search will give you dozens of quotes to choose from. Finding an affordable insurance policy is a little bit harder because the point is not to get the cheapest coverage available, but to get coverage that really fits your life, and it is from a company that you actually trust. Your overall goal is to get the lowest possible monthly rates with a company that you feel will pay the expenses of you and your family – even after your death. That is the ultimate goal.

* * * * *

The number one thing to do when searching for a cheap life insurance policy is to shop around. Figure out what amount different companies will offer you with your possible risk factors. After you do this, determine what providers offer what and what the best cash value for you is. Making a chart could have benefits at this point.


* * * * *

The second thing you should do is to see if it is possible for you to bundle your insurance policies. Most insurance companies do offer premiums discounts when you choose them to cover a few of your things like your house, your cars, and adding your life could just benefit you to the max. With this though, don’t end up paying for things that you don’t need. Be careful when you are discussing your options because they will offer you little extras that you may end up thinking you need, but in reality you really don’t. Stick to your earnings budget and just be mindful of what they are offering. Remember to stick as close to your original account as possible, and not be persuaded to buy something you are not totally into.


* * * * * 

Also consider term life insurance as it is a cheap life insurance. This term policy is generally cheaper because it does have an expiration date and is not a permanent policy. This coverage can go from one year to thirty years. It really does depend which is why it is so vital that you shop around. Don’t forget to change your individual habits. The healthier you are, the cheaper your insurance rate will be.  Obesity can cause your rates to go up as much as 2% because obesity can cause heart problems and it is a major risk factor. Because of this, consider buying young. You don’t know what the future will hold so if you lock in a rate when you are young and healthy, you and your dependents will benefit in the future.

Cheapest Life Insurance Quotes Found Easily

How to find the cheapest life insurance

When you buy a life insurance it must be one of the most important decisions you make and you also take into consideration taking care of family, in case of death, with this investment. People have fears when it comes to death, the expenses and payments turn into a nightmare so to avoid that you should get the cheapest life insurance quote. Some guidelines should be followed in this process to make better decisions.

There are some companies online will give free life insurance quotes online. In a very short time this technology allows you to get your answers juts by entering some of your personal or financial information or any other type of information requested. Of course an agent will come into the picture, but at least it is a starting point for you to know your terms and starting negotiation.

There are several types of life insurance and policies; Term Policies, Whole Policies, Universal Policy or Variable Universal. When it is decided, it is good to contact an agent. Receiving the cheapest life insurance quote consequently gives you a following up direction when you contact with an agent. Contact agent will go over your policy with you and inform you about the various businesses and their rates, premiums and terms so you can choose the best among them. You should always remember the rates value vary 50% between these carriers and companies. After getting the quote it is good to follow up with a licensed agent.

If it is wanted to save more income cash, the rate and premiums can be paid at once so this will help to avoid quarterly or monthly payments’ permanent surcharge around 5% minimum amount.

When you are getting life insurance the term individual represents the person buying the coverage, but insurance may possibly cover the whole family.

For most people cash value is the bottom line when it comes to coverage. If the insurance policy has a cheaper rate than the quote they get they feel they are getting a discounted insurance account. The fact is the policy must be analyzed very carefully to see whether the policy is really offering discount.

It should be always remembered there are some reasons of disqualification of a discounted policy such as; a record of health problems and age and occupation. There is no reason for not getting life insurance or discounts if you do not have troubled medical record and not involved into a hazardous occupation.

Every company has the cheap version of this account with different criteria. You should read their terms and conditions and find out if it is needed medical exam before getting the quote.

The premium is the amount to pay to maintain that agreement. You need to read carefully the terms of the contract to see the available term remain permanent during the coverage of policy especially for the cheapest life insurance.

Saving – By discovering how much does life insurance cost

Find how much does Life Insurance Cost and Save

Shoppers, need life insurance quotes cheap to cover smokers or any one? Financial present or future shaky?  How much does life insurance cost for me?  Help is here. Deciding where to get your insurance policy coverage from for your family can be a tough decision. Finding one in time that has a reasonable premium rate might be harder. Facts are, the longer you wait the higher your premium will be. It all is determined by your lifestyle.  If you are younger and healthier chances are your insurance policy expense will be very minimal. Compared to if your older and have multiple health issues it will be higher. Companies policies for a cheap amount appeal to the family choosing coverage policies. If you are a smoker or like sky diving as a hobby, forget about a low premium life insurance. This is not to tell you not to go out and enjoy those risky things life allows you to do. This is just to tell you, if the risk of mortality over time is higher due to lifestyle, hobbies, or dangerous jobs, your life insurance policy will be higher.
There are a few other policy factors that come into play when the insurance company decides on your premium. First of all the obvious, age, health, and lifestyle questions. How risky is your life and how healthy are you? The other factors are much more business related. They need to be able to make profit out of this. One out of the four issues that insurance companies look at is the cost of mortality. The beneficiaries have to be paid as well for the clients, that means money is coming out of the life insurance companies funds. Because people are tending to live much longer than they used too, this is almost a good thing, otherwise the rate of your life insurance would go up. Just try getting or Choosing affordable death term insurance.  The next thing they considering is the operational costs. These are the expenses that it would take to run their business after death of a future partner. Save time on obtaining cheap policies for smokers with a term product.  Maintaining happy employees, the building, marketing, etc. The last one is the return on the investments. If they earn good investment returns this will help pay for the issues above. You will be discovering how much does life insurance cost and be pleased with that cost.  Leaving it easier for them to offer lower premiums and compete in the competition. Women and men should buy for proper reasons including financial or money help.  Information is on a quote to explain the term and consider debts, expenses budget factors.

Those are just costly items that the business takes into consideration. Most quotes for basic benefits are affordable In an insurance policy the main objective would be insurance policy customers themselves.  So if you’re Jack, the forty year old tennis player who runs actively and has a healthy lifestyle, your premium could be $350 a year for a $500,000 life insurance policy. If you’re Brett the fifty year old chain smokers who still works a construction job, your insurance premium could be $1,000-$3,000 a year for the same $500,000 policy. Insurance companies also have a rate category for everyone that comes in. The rate category comes in four different sections, preferred, standard, substandard, and uninsurble. Depending on the lifestyle you lead is what category you will end up in. Those with a lower risk of mortality will end up in the first two, preferred and standard. People with a higher risk will end up in the substandard category. Finally those that have an extremely high risk lifestyle, for instance a terminal illness, will end up in uninsurable. The life insurance company will not be able to cover them.

In reality, if you want to get an excellent deal on life insurance, you must shop online. By shopping online, you are eliminating the middle-man and taking matters into your own hands. If you do your research, you can find a policy that will cover financial matters for your family if you were to suddenly die. In the end as you are discovering how much does life insurance cost,  that life insurance is not expensive and is a must for anyone with a family.

California Term Life Insurance Information

Life insurance is an important and necessary product for many families in California. California term life insurance provides policy owners a mandatory free-look period when establishing the policy and a grace period to protect policyholders from cancelation due to late payments. Policyholders are protected further by the California Disability and Life Insurance Guaranty Association that insures policies against insurance company insolvency. California Free Look Period The free-look period is the amount of time a new policyholder has to change their mind after a life insurance policy has been purchased. The insured can cancel the policy during the free-look period without any penalties and to receive a refund of any premiums paid. The free-look period on California life insurance plans is 10 days, some companies do allow a 30 day free-look period. Another benefit for life insurance policy owners in California is the grace period provided by insurance companies. California Grace Period A grace period is the time frame between the premium due date and the last possible day to make the payment before the policy lapses and cancels. The grace period is important protection for the unintentional missed premium payment or late payment. In California the grace period is 30 days and that gives consumers nearly one month to get a forgotten payment to the insurance company and have it applied in time to prevent the policy from canceling. So long as the payment is received within the grace period the policy remains current. California Disability and Life Insurance Guaranty Association Another way that policyholders’ life insurance policies are protected is through the California Disability and Life Insurance Guaranty Association. This association was designed to pay claims in the event that an insurance company becomes insolvent and unable to pay claims. The association has a restriction on the amount they will pay; the California Disability and Life Insurance Guaranty Association will pay a maximum of a $250,000 death benefit or a maximum of $100,000 cash surrender. California Claims and Misrepresentations In California insurance companies have up to two years to question any application answers submitted on the life insurance application and any misrepresentations can result in the termination of the policy. Age discrepancies may not cause the policy to be canceled but the policy will be adjusted to the correct age. In California suicide is not covered as a death benefit claim within the first 2 years of the life of the policy, but premiums would be refunded in the event of a suicide within the first two years. California term life insurance products are much the same as another state, but there are some differences. For California residents it is important to understand what those differences are so that they have optimum protection and understand their rights as policy owners. Policy owners should know their free-look period when they sign up for a life insurance policy and they should understand their grace period. The California Disability and Life Insurance Guaranty Association protect life insurance policy owners in California up to a specified dollar amount.

Thanksgiving Health Tips

Halloween is the kick off of the holiday bloat- the overeating begins. But you do not have to fall prey to the overeating pitfalls. AND you can still enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. Here is how.

Start the day off right. Earn your Thanksgiving meal with an early Thursday morning 5K. Thanksgiving themed 5ks are plentiful (and often can benefit a local charity) and it is the perfect way to work up a sweat before the big meal. Not a big runner? Find a neighborhood Turkey Bowl, which is a festive way to describe a pick up game of football.

Pick and choose. A Thanksgiving buffet is overflowing with incredible food. But you do not have to overeat. On your first go a round fill your plate with your favorites, but make sure that half of the plate is full of fruits and veggies. This will help you fill up on healthy options. If you want more, indulge a bit. But before you jump up for the second round, make sure you eat slowly and give yourself about 5 minutes to digest. It takes time for your stomach to feel full, so eating more slowly will allow your stomach to catch up.

Don’t restrict. The easiest way to fall off the wagon is to deny yourself everything good the whole day. If you restrict the whole day, the chance of failing by bingeing is high. Indulge a little, just be smart.

Drink water. The easiest way to cut down your Thanksgiving calories is to not drink them. Hydrating with plenty of water is a surefire way to curb overeating. First, by trading water for say, another high caloric drink such as soda or your favorite alcoholic beverage, you will eliminate at least a few hundred calories. That is practically another meal! Also, if you drink water throughout the meal, you will fill up on that instead of fatty foods. By drinking water as you eat, it allows your stomach to feel full faster as well.

Get moving again. Naps and Thanksgiving go hand in hand. But before you bulldoze straight for pie, get moving again. Work up a bit of a sweat and really earn your pie. Not big football fans? Go for a walk or a bike ride. If the weather doesn’t permit, get your blood flowing with an indoor gaming system like the Wii. Or improvise with a dance party. Cheesey? Yes.  But it will get the job done.

Take leftovers. People often eat Thanksgiving like it is the last meal of their lives. Don’t eat this way. This is not the last meal of your life. If you just can’t get enough of the turkey fabulous-ness, just remember that you can have leftovers and enjoy it all again the next day.

Don’t take the rest of the weekend off. In between eating turkey and Black Friday shopping, people often veg for the rest of the weekend. Enjoy your leftovers after a good workout. Your body will thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

How To Avoid Scams

With a tough economy, scam artists are working hard- and succeeding- at scamming innocent, yet gullible, Americans.

I met a darling elderly couple who lost $30,000 to a scam. The couple received a phone call from a stranger saying he had a package for them. He tried to stop by and drop it off but no one was home. He could drop it off, plus a trunk full of cash, if they helped him pay the customs fee. He called repeatedly, knew information about their home and they paid him. Again and again. In addition to customs fees, he had a shipping fee which turned into a holding fee, etc. I mean, it will all pay off when they get their trunk full of cash, right?

Wrong. It was a scammer who bilked the couple out of $30,000 total over a year period. The kicker is the wife, who was making most of the payments, was at the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, a disease that affects the mental capacity and memory of a senior. The scammer knew details about their home (i.e. there was a RV in the driveway) by looking at satellite images of Google Earth. The rest they just prayed on their vulnerabilities.

Scams like this do not have to happen. You can ward off scammers by being smart and skeptical. Here are some tips to save yourself.

If it seems too good to be true, it is.

You won a lottery you never entered? You can get a trunk full of cash for doing nothing? If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Do not kid yourself into thinking that this could be your one chance.

Scams like this work because people want it to be true. So they will fall for everything. This is precisely why scams are so rampant in a bad economy. People need financial help and when saddled with such much bad financial news, good news (who couldn’t use a briefcase of cash?) is what people want to hear.

In this world, you can never get something for nothing. No one just gives out cash. So don’t do it.

Stranger Danger

It seems harsh, but strangers are not your friend, especially on the internet. The digital age has given scammers a mask to hide behind. This veil of anonymity allows them to scam people all over the world. Don’t make friends with people on the internet. This can be tricky for people who use online dating sites. But be wary. If something seems off, it probably is. If your romantic interest ever asks for money, never send it. Even if he or she needs Visa money. Recent dating site scammers have been using photos of military men to lure in women. And it is working.

Do not give personal information (address, phone number, passwords, etc.) to anyone, especially over the internet or phone. Never send money to anyone. If something seems off, it probably is.

Saying The Right Things to Your Doctor Could Save Your Life

Doctors make me nervous.

I never know when I should visit one. Once I get up the courage to call the doctor and show up for the appointment, I am ushered into a room, poked and prodded while wearing a revealing and unflattering paper gown. After an hour in the waiting room and 15 minutes with the doctor, I leave the office only to realize I didn’t mention the real reason why I made the appointment in the first place.

This does not have to happen to you.

Doctor’s appointments go off track when patients do not come prepared for the appointment. You have to put in a little effort too if you want a correct diagnosis. And please, don’t tell your doctor what Web MD suggests your symptoms mean. You will only impede the process.

First, have a list of all medications you take and your doses. This is essential because certain medications will cause side effects, and that can narrow down the diagnosis quickly. Also, not all medications play nicely. Doctors need to know what you are taking to avoid a toxic medication mix.

Next, make a list of everything you want to talk about. This might sound very Type A to have your symptoms list, but it will help you in the long run. Start making a list as soon as you make the appointment. Unless you visit the doctor regularly, this could be your chance to get medications filled as well as any potential diagnosis.

If you are going for a specific problem, make a list of when your problems started, how often it happens and what bothers you most about it. Don’t trust your memory on this. Creating a timeline will help your doctor really establish what the problem is.

Also note any big changes in diet, exercise or lifestyle change. Your doctor might ask about any significant or tragic change in your personal life that might be causing your problems. Be willing to open up about your physical and emotional health. Those are often intertwined.

Third, make a list of all heredity diseases in your family. Breast cancer and other diseases are much more prevalent if a family member is diagnosed.

And don’t be afraid to tell your doctor what you are worried it might be. If you have sharp stomach pains and a friend told you that you have appendicitis, tell your doctor. If anything, he can calm your fears. Just ask.

Lastly, do not be scared to ask your doctor anything. If privacy is a concern, do not let it be. Doctors are under strict laws to keep all patient information and diagnosis under lock and key. And trust me, doctors have seen and heard it all. You will have to try pretty hard to shock them. And your answer from your doctor will be much more personalized and accurate than a Google search or advice from a friend.

Good luck at your next appointment! Take a detailed history and notes, ask lots of questions and come home happy!

Real Life Help: How to Find a Job in a Tough Economy

The economy is sluggish on its eventual bounce back from the recession. While many economists and a lot of politicians are claiming that we are just on the other side of sunshine and rainbows again, many Americans are still feeling the pinch. The hardest area to recover is the job market.

Finding a job in a bad economy can turn into a real-life crisis. While almost 10 percent of the population suffer from unemployment, many more suffer from under employment.

Because of this, job seekers have to be creative and scrappy to find employment. One girl printed her resume on a t-shirt and wore it around town. While that got more press coverage than job offers, it was the right kind of thinking to get you noticed. Here are some other ways to find a job that you might not have thought out.

  • Volunteer. Step outside of yourself and give back to the community. It can be an hour a week or more as needed, but it can help find you direction in your job search. Being continually involved in the community looks good on your resume and it can also open up other job opportunities. Organizations who use volunteers often tend to use that group as a hiring pool. Be a good volunteer and you could find yourself on the short list. Be careful. Nonprofits don’t continually hire (and are often hit hard in bad economies) and it looks tacky if you tell them on your first day that you want it to be paid.
  • Reach out to alumni. College alumnus love to connect with fellow graduates, and it can be a good jumping off point for a job. Most majors will have a connection board. Schedule a meeting with other grads in your field to connect and discuss the industry. This initial meet could turn into something more if you impress. Job opportunities within their organization or other opportunities in the field might be passed your way. Just don’t be over-baring. Saying you want to chat because you need a job can seem a little pushy. You might want to mention you are getting back into the industry and would love some advice from a successful graduate in hopes of future opportunities. Less pushy but still assertive.
  • Networking. The old adage, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” is truer than ever before. Hiring reps are able to be selective and picky, and would rather hire someone who is recommended by someone. Just handing a piece of paper with your qualifications isn’t enough. The best place to network with a lot of people is to attend an industry event. My industry hosts local luncheons once a month. Other industries have similar opportunities. Hit up those frequently and get to know people. But don’t lead with “I need a job.” You will scare off potential contacts.

Searching for a job isn’t easy. But with some creative ideas, gumption and people skills, you can be on your way to a new job in no time.

Don’t Let Credit Cards Take Over Your Life; Use Them Wisely

When someone brings up credit cards, many Americans tense up. A long, storied relationship with credit cards plagues many Americans, and many will be riddled with anxiety with just the mention. Perhaps it brings to mind their mountain of credit card debt.

For the past decade or two, Americans depended greatly on credit cards to make their wildest dreams come true. The tricky part is many didn’t factor in high interest rates when they decided to “charge it.”

For this reason, many Americans are cutting up the credit cards in favor of a cash only lifestyle. While that isn’t a bad way to go, credit cards aren’t all that bad.

So why use credit cards at all? Credit cards are a great way for people to earn credit. Credit is your financial history that lenders look at to determine if they should lend money to you. A good credit rating results in lower payments, minimum interest charges and more financial freedom to purchase big ticket items such as a car or a house. No credit will result in banks giving you a high interest rating or no loan at all.

If you are using your credit card to get a good credit score, you have to follow some simple rules. First, all payments must be paid monthly in full. This increases your score because it shows you can pay back loans efficiently, plus it removes any unnecessary interest fees. Next, you should never max out your credit cards. Even if you pay it off every month, it affects your credit score negatively. Some financial advisers recommend never charging more than 30 percent of your available balance.

Third, be careful how many cards you open and cancel. Applying for many loans or credit cards looks poorly to the credit bureaus. It also is negative to apply for cards and then quickly cancel. Think twice before signing up for a store’s charge card for a minimal discount.

Another great benefit for smart credit card holders is rewards. Rewards cards reward you for spending. Each card has a different payout but some offer flight mileage or cash back. Figure out which reward works best for you, and sign up to start reaping the yearly rewards. Beware: rewards cards might have annual fees, and most always have high interest fees. Some sky rocket up to 20%. Rewards credit cards are only smart for those who pay off their cards in full every month.

Credit cards are ideal for people who have financial restraint. Those who fall into the credit card trap spend more than they are able to afford. Smart credit card spenders will only charge what they can pay off at the end of the month. This type of spending will reap rewards with higher credit scores and credit card benefits.

If you can’t handle the temptation of charging it, leave the credit card at home. Use it for emergencies only. You will thank yourself later.