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Top 10 Health Insurance Companies

The top ten Health Insurance Companies are as follows:  United Health Group, WellPoint Inc Group, Kaiser Foundation Group, Aetna Group, Humana Group, Health Care Service Corporation Group, Coventry Corporation Group, Highmark Group, Independence Blue Cross Group, and Blue Shield of California. All of the top ten Health Insurance Companies are group plans offered by an employer.

United Healthcare Group

The United Healthcare corporate headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota with an enrollment of over 75 million people.  The benefit plans offered include PPO-in network and out of network, group, individual and a comprehensive menu of Medicare plans.

WellPoint Inc Group

The WellPoint Group is a subsidiary of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Empire Blue Cross, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia. The benefit plans offered are HMO, individual, group, PPO, hybrid, and COBRA. Medicare plans are offered under Anthem Blue Cross.

Kaiser Permanente Foundation

The Kaiser Foundation is an integrated healthcare management system commonly referred to as an HMO with its headquarters located in Oakland, California.  Kaiser offers a Medicare plan and has been involved with government considerations on a Medicaid conversion plan as well.

Aetna Group

The Aetna Group corporate offices are located in Hartford, Connecticut. Aetna offers standard plans in HMO, Medicare, and PPO-in net work out of network in addition to Federal and government plans in select states. The add on plans offered are dental, vision, pet, student, pharmacy and life insurance.

Humana Group

The Humana Group corporate office is located in Louisville, Kentucky. They offer group and individual plans in the following areas: High Deductible Health Plan, Personal Care PPO, Standard PPO, Coverage First, Humana Classic, HMO, Medicare and Point of Purchase plans.

Health Care Service Corporation

The Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. The customer owned HCSC is a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield with plans offered in Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.  HCSC offers standard plans in HMO, PPO, Medicare, and Special Service Plans.

Coventry Corp Group

They Coventry Corporation Group headquarters is located in Bethesda, Maryland and they are a Diversified HMO-integrated healthcare company. They offer plans in all fifty states including Medicaid and Medicare. Additional plans offered are: regional, national, self funded, fully insured, retiree, and specialty.

Highmark Group

The Highmark Group headquarters is located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and it is a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield with coverage offered in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and select counties of Ohio and the plans offered are Medicare, individual, family, group, COBRA and Federal.

Independence Blue Cross Group

The Independence Blue Cross Group corporate headquarters is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and they offer the following plans: individual, family, low income, student health and plans for self employed.  The specific options offered are: copay, deductible, health spending account and Medicare.

Blue Shield of California

The Blue Shield of California headquarters is located in San Francisco, California and they offer healthcare coverage in Nevada and California. The plans offered are Federal, individual, COBRA, family, group, and Medicare with the specific options of HMO, PPO, and Health Spending Accounts.

The top ten healthcare insurance companies are group plans, yet, all ten healthcare companies offer coverage to individuals as well. Each type of plan has its benefits such as the individual plan will follow the employee when they leave their employer while the group plan has lower premiums. Deciding on which type of plan and level of coverage is solely dependent on the needs of the subscriber.