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How To Get Into College and Still be Alive

January is when most college bound kids start to panic. Application deadlines are due and the sheer terror of becoming an adult is starting to set in.

Thankfully, millions of teens (and adults) have applied for college and lived to tell the tale. And you can to.

Get good grades. If you are applying for college as a high school student, colleges will mostly look at your recent grades as an indicator of success. This whole concept might be tricky for a 13-year-old seventh grader to grasp. But unfortunately, starting in ninth grade (the beginning of high school) your grades start to count. These good grades will help determine whether you get into an Ivy league or community college.

Ace the SAT/ACT. College entrance exams are scarring young teens for life. But colleges love to use them as a key indicator for admittance. Most schools will let you know what the average standardized test scores are for their school. Find out what that is for your dream school and shoot for nothing less. The best way to prepare for these tests is to study. Hard. You can purchase a test book with sample test questions to prepare yourself for the types of questions you can expect. And like with any test, studying the night before will reflect on your test scores.

Land good letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are generally written by teachers, coaches or other individuals with authority who can vouch for your success as a person as well as a student. A good letter of recommendation can make your college application stand out. Start developing a relationship with a mentor early on so they can write you a glowing letter of recommendation when the time arises.

Be well-rounded. It is tempting to be good at one thing and one thing only. But colleges and universities are increasingly looking for students who are well-rounded. Good grades are great, but no extra curricular activities can be your downfall. And a good extra curricular activity resume can boost a student whose grades are less than stellar. However, you do not want to say you are interested in everything. College admissions offices are looking for a personality behind the application. School extra curricular activities are great, but it is advantageous to add community activities as well. Volunteering long term for an organization is a great way to stand out on your application as a well rounded person and an advocate for the community. (Plus, you can get a great letter of recommendation from your volunteer supervisor.

Find the right college for you. Every college or university is known for a specialty. One college might be a research university or another might have a strong nuclear science department. Sure, colleges accept students outside of their specialty, but that might not be the college you want to go to. Research schools before you start applying to find out which one has the best program, lifestyle and atmosphere for you.

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