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Got Term? Consider Superheroes

Term life insurance. You wouldn’t think that if you were a superhero like Catwoman or The Green Lantern that you would need such a thing. In fact, most would probably scoff at such an idea. After all, superheroes do not die, they live on eternally in infamy or fame. They are the ones we so often look to for inspiration and how good can triumph even in the face of terrible danger. Well, that’s all good and dandy, but what happens when you think you are the superhero type and fail to protect your family with a good life insurance policy? Yeah, not so much a superhero now, are ya big boy? So, here’s the solution, get insurance and be that superhero, live on after you die. Here are 3 ways that getting some term can help you be a superhero.

One: The passing of a loved one is already hard enough on the ones left behind. They grieve for the absence of the loving arms they once knew. They long for the solace that a listening and nonjudgmental ear brought them. And they certainly miss the protection and support that the provider gave to their home. Now, in the lack of such support they will not only have to grieve, but have to assume the role of provider, unless you were a superhero and set up a plan wherewith they can continue to assume the income that you were providing before you left.

Two: Being a superhero is all about protecting the weak and the widows. When you leave, leave your loved ones with something that shows you were not only all about protecting these special ones in life, but that you anticipated there would be a time when you could continue to provide even in death. Protecting the those you love must be a job for an immortal, one that can protect them their whole life through.

Three: Inspiring the young ones as well as the old ones to reach for the stars and to assume a superhero-like status in the lives of those around them is also a critical role of a superhero. You don’t think that Batman is only about saving people do you? No way! He is all about giving hope to others. In the symbol of the bat is the truth that there still is good in Gotham City. When you pass on and you leave those you love with protection against the world of bills and living expenses, you can inspire hope in the next generation that if there was good in their father, there must be other good out there in the world.

So, here were three ways in which you can be a superhero to your children, to your wife and to all those who will come to know of your good deed. Protection of the weak is not just for superheroes it’s for you. And by providing a way for those you leave to continue to receive your support you inspire untold generations and give comfort where there is often none. Be a superhero and get some term life insurance to protect your family after you are gone.