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The Top Five Life Insurance Companies

Having life insurance is a smart addition to any financial portfolio.    Choosing the right company for cheap life insurance can be confusing though.  Most people feel more comfortable with a large insurance company.  The larger the insurance company, the less chance that they will fail.  In addition, there is a better chance that they will financially be able to pay a claim.  Currently the top five life insurance companies in the United States are:

1.  AXA Equitable

AXA life insurance is one of the top cheap life insurance providers in the U.S.  They were started in 1859 and are based overseas serving North America, Asia and Europe.  They specialize in life insurance, annuities and financial products geared towards individuals, corporations and wholesale clients.   This publicly traded company is governed by a board of directors and regularly posts a profit margin for investors.

2. Prudential Financial

Prudential offers a diverse base of businesses in their portfolio.  This publicly traded company has managed over $693 in assets in the past year and they work to educate their customers on the products they offer.  Their website boasts a number of educational articles that allow potential customers to compare products so that they understand their options and can compare products.  Prudential also offers life insurance and financial management to corporations.  In addition, they are one of the top commercial mortgage lenders in the country.

3. New York Life Insurance

New York Life Insurance is one of the oldest cheap life insurance companies in the United States.  The trend of paying insurance dividends to policy holders was begun by them in 1847.  Today they are rated one of the highest life insurance companies in business for their financial strength.  Their products include life insurance, mutual funds, long-term care insurance and annuities.  In addition, their website offers several financial calculators that help web searchers decide if they are financially protected.

4. Metropolitan Life Insurance

Metropolitan Life Insurance or MetLife has been in business for over 140 years.  They began in 1863 providing insurance products to individuals and companies.  Their original focus was serving the military during the Civil War and they progressed to helping individuals with protecting their assets.  It is now a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.


USAA began in 1922 with only 25 US Army officers in a joint cooperative.  They now serve the military and military families.  Because they have a very specialized focus, they are still a mutual company and not publicly traded.  The products are focused on long-term goals rather than short term profits.  Another benefit of USAA since they focus on military members is that they do not have a “war clause” as many other insurance companies do.

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