Forever. That’s how long it had been since Captain Terry had thought about his life back on Earth. It was like moving to a new country and eventually dreaming in the new language you had become immersed in. He was now immersed in scenes of black space, speckled skies and altogether out of this world objects. It was day number 1034 on his mission to institute the newest government funded business on the Earth Life Federation’s New Earth Settlement. As there were now families making permanent residence on NES there was a growing need for essential services. Captain Terry had been commissioned to open up a government life insurance company. It was going to be interesting.

The New Earth Settlement was located approximately half the distance from Earth to Mars. There was a need to break Earth’s Orbit and it had to do with planned demolition of the planet that not all citizens were privy to. It was yet one hundred years out, but plans for developing New Earth were well on their way, so it was

Since it took some time to travel the distance from Earth to the new settlement, even at the great speed Earth’s ships could now travel, Captain Terry had time to consider the plans drafted out by the Federation’s planning committee and mold them to the unique conditions found on The Settlement. Considerations had to be made for all possible causes of death, many of which never existed on Earth. The probabilities were still nothing more than guesses, but that is why Terrance was hired, he had a special gift for simulating in his mind the possibilities given a set of vague known facts.

By the time The Settlement was reached the Captain was ready to present to NES citizens plans for the first ever life insurance company in space. It was carefully tailored to meet the needs of the citizens and had been long awaited. So far, only the healthiest from Earth’s over 9 billion and growing population had been chosen for this beta mission. In its 35 years of being peopled, NES had lost only one member to death and it was an accident during a landing. The man had been deprived of sleep for two days and forgot to release his holding belt while helping to guide in the space craft. The shuttle landed on him and it was sad day for all who had prided themselves on such a clean record up until that point. He was a leader greatly loved of the citizens of NES.

Today however, the sadness of that accident was overshadowed by the landing of the ship that was bringing a form of protection that had been anticipated ever since that day. While everyone cares to safety in every aspect of life on NES, there was a growing realization that even here none would be escaping their final destination.

Down came Captain Terry’s ship and after a grand welcome from the Ambassador of NES and other happy citizens Terry shared with them the final details of the ELF sponsored plan. Joy hurried around The Settlement as word spread of the new Life Insurance Company. Protection had finally come to space.

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