Passing my sailing tests hadn’t been this difficult. As a young sailor I was struggling for dear life and had all but given up hope and decided to cling to the mast when the storm all of a sudden ceased and there was calm. It was like night and day. I felt as if someone had reached up and turned off the wave pool switch. Of course our gauges were not reading correctly, but we knew we had found it, the feared, the dreaded by near all sailors, the Bermuda Triangle. There we were, in the middle of what people call the Bermuda Triangle… and we were alive.

Captain Roger had theorized that ships lost at sea in the Triangle were not lost at all, but safely harbored at one of the truly private ports of the world. His stories were convincing and thus he managed to convince 5 others to make the crazy expedition. No sane experienced sailor would dare try it and no newbie knew any better. I guess in this case the Captain lucked out with a fresh fleet of recent graduates from the local sailing school.

Well, it looked for the time being like Captain’s hypothesis had been proven correct. It was odd though. Something didn’t seem quite right. Everything appeared normal, but it was a feeling that floated on the wind like a scent betraying a hiding enemy. It wasn’t long after the storm ended that we saw exactly what it was hiding.

It hadn’t been there before, it was almost as if it had happened upon us in an instant, but then again we were probably just all a little shaken up from the violence of the storm. A ship twice our size and very noble looking stood not one hundred yards off the starboard bow, looming. Without anything against which to reference this experience we all, including Captain Roger, stood very still. In moments the ship came close enough to board our tiny boat and it was then we saw the British Flag, along with a plain white one raise atop the ship’s flag pole. Cap. Roger seemed to have anticipated such a greeting. His grin & squint of eyes told the story. It was like he was reuniting with an old friend.

The ship, without ever bearing sign of captain or crew, then set off into the distance. Captain Roger was quick to order a course following our new British companion. We came to an island that wasn’t charted on any of our maps. The harbor was eerily empty as we docked next to our big friend.

Once tied down we exited our boat and began for shore. We still as yet hadn’t spotted any signs of life other than an apparently unmanned British ship that led us to shore. As we approached land we saw a building just up a ways. Captain Roger confidently led the crew up the hill towards it. As we got closer we could read the lettering on the outside. It was a life insurance company! Since when did they have life insurance companies in the Bermuda Triangle? I guess the whole experience had been odd enough to doubt that this could happen.

We entered the store and at the front counter we caught our first glimpse of a human. She was a beautifully well kept middle age woman with a pleasing smile on her face. It was as if she was expecting us. She shared with us the story of the island, gave us some pens to sign our life insurance policies and thus began our life on the island of Bermuda.

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