It’s hard running a life insurance biz in the prison systems. Personally I don’t like the idea, but there’s a market, the pay is good and I have a captive audience, literally. I’m never quite sure just how the money comes in to pay the soaring premiums that are higher than most insurance policies, but when all is said and done, I have to thank the guy that thought up the idea of letting life insurance companies come into prisons. It does well for me.

I guess it’s not all bad. To explain, let me share with you a story of one man I insured and was very happy to do so. Gordon was a quiet man in his early thirties. He kept a good clean appearance and was not reactive like many others. He observed the other inmates and seemed to have an awareness of others that gave him ability to relate to people from all different walks of life. There was just something quite different about him.

Well, it must have been the third time I went in to discuss Gordon’s needs that I caught myself asking what he was in there for. This was a strict breech of insurance regulations, but when I asked it, I was doing so because he was so fascinating and not to deny him coverage in any way. To be sure, it was not the question I should have asked, but it came out and before I knew it he was answering me.

I got married when I was young. While most of my friends were out partying and wasting their lives I was starting a family, something that meant a great deal to me. We had four children right away and we were growing so much together as a couple. Well, it was after our fourth child was born that a man moved into our neighborhood. He was nice enough and loved to spend time with our little family. Well, one day our second child didn’t come from home from school with her older brother. We went looking everywhere and long story short, that nice neighbor had picked her up from school and taken off with her. We never saw her again. I saw him only one more time.

He was silent and I thought he would share what happened, but he let me read between the lines. His girl had been taken and so he too took. It didn’t appear that he felt remorse, but it was clear that he missed his family and that he was interested in providing for the rest of his family that remain. With the sentence he had left to serve it was more likely that he would be actualizing the benefits of this policy we were now setting up than not.

I don’t approve of people taking the law into their own hands, but I was glad to help this man provide for the wife and children he loved. His passions got the better of him and I’m sure they would rather have their father back, but in the absence thereof he at least made sure that when he was gone they would be looked after.

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