I had one of those sour kind of days. Nothing was disastrous but nothing went right. After a stack of mishaps, I was downright grouchy. The only way to end such a day is to mindlessly waste time that ends in laughter. You see, one of the best stress releasers is laughter. And unless you have an at home, you might need a little extra help.

My favorite way to get a quick laugh is to pop over to my favorite websites. If you are in the need of some good laughter, or you just have some time to kill, check out theses sites.

  • Awkwardfamilyphotos.com. Awkward Family Photos or AFP is the place where your awkward childhood photos go to live. You know those embarrassing poses your mom used to make you stand in for photos? Or your awful permed hair and matching leotards? All of those and more can be found at AFP. The site is user generated and posts one painfully (and hilariously) awkward photo about once a day.
  • Failblog.org. Fail blog is a place to showcase the “fails” in the world, or in other words, the things that go hilariously wrong. You will find videos of stupid stunts, hilarious mistranslated signs and unintentional goofs. Hint: click the button at the top for a clean version of the fails. The will sensor language and suggestive content.
  • Someecards.com. This hilarious site has content that is popping up all over the social networking sites (Facebook, Pinterest, etc). The site is brilliant as it brought back a pretty dated trend: sending e-cards or cards over the internet. This was a big trend when email first became popular and this site has brought it back with a twist. Instead of your traditional ‘happy birthday’ or ‘thank you,’ the cards feature pop culture topics of the week with a hilarious and sarcastic wit. If you love it enough, send it for free to a friend who I am sure you could use a laugh.
  • Sh*tmykidsruined.blogspot.com. This blog is where parents can submit photos of stuff that their children have ruined. For those who have kids, it is a way to laugh about what other crazy kids are doing and knowing that you are not alone. For those who do not have kids, it becomes the most hilarious birth control around.
  • The Onion. The face of The Onion looks like your typical news site, churning out relevant news stories. And The Onion has become a very popular news source. Only trick is that The Onion is a satirical site that publishes true stories mingled with parodied news articles. Those with a good sense of humor and a quick eye can quickly determine which stories are false, and will get a good laugh out of it. Have a hard time getting the concept? Think Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central.
  • Hulu. The easiest ways to get a good laugh is to watch a comedy. Hulu.com has scores of popular comedies from Modern Family to Saturday Night Live. Do a search and start laughing.


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