You know those kind of hotels that makes you feel like royalty? You may have been to one or at least have seen them on TV, but they not only are like castles in size, but in hospitality as well. You know, where the room service anticipates you calling so they bring you luscious meals in under five minutes and have your favorite paper weighting each morning at the doorstep, along with a complimentary omelet. Ah, yeah! Well, here’s my story of a week at one of the ritziest places around, The Ritz.

I had never really treated myself to a week off. I had always been the kind of guy that worked hard when he was at work and worked hard when he was at home. I had grown up learning that if you don’t work, you don’t eat. That and several broken relationships had translated into my choosing a path of working myself into the ground. I felt good when I accomplished something, but I was never able to just let go and keep things in balance. I was every bosses dream, but every woman’s nightmare.

So when my friend travel agent friend Jake had called and not only offered me a great deal for a week away, but pointed out how imbalanced my life was becoming, I decided to listen and take him up on his week at a Ritz vacation package. Money wasn’t a problem at that point, but I soon learned why such amazingly lavish places offer such screaming deals, when you are in lavish surroundings people tend to act lavishly and I was no different. The bait was set and I took it.

Dining each night at the several hotel restaurants, spending the day on planned excursions: swimming with the dolphins, parasailing, taking a helicopter ride over the island…it all added up and before I knew it, I had spend about two months worth of my wages, and that’s saying a lot. I make quite a bit!

Well, I did have time at least to push work aside enough to evaluate where I was at in life and think about where I wanted to be. It became very clear to me once the dust of my hustling settled that I was not where I wanted to be. My attention to work overshadowed my home life and other relationships. I had gotten married again, but we were in two different worlds. I just pretty much brought home the money and that was the extent of our exchange. It was almost like a business arrangement. It was upon this thought that I spent some time drafting out an apology letter to my wife. She had been so faithful and had pretty much been raising our two children on her own.

I also decided that if I had the skills I did I was going to start pouring them into putting things in place for my family. It’s so amazing when you realize just how important people are in our lives. Things cannot satisfy.

The moment I arrived home I grabbed my wife, took her to a fancy restraint, gave her the letter and promised that she would have more of my attention like she thought she was getting when we married. I shared with her my plan to start saving some money for a rainy day, to start some food storage and to get some affordable life insurance. She was of course most impressed with my commitment of time, but that in combination with my new plan to protect and provide for them gave me new life and she could see it.

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