Every April 1, the jokesters come out in droves. Pranking is frowned upon for the rest of the year, but somehow April Fool’s Day gives them a pass for their general mischief.

The best people to play jokes or tricks on is your friends and family. The reactions are better (and more hilarious), plus you have a better chance of them liking you on April 2.

Here are a few of my favorite April Fool’s Day jokes, all of which are funny without being entirely mean. (You can come up with the mean ones on your own.)

  • A big announcement. April Fool’s Day is the best time to make a fake big announcement. Think pregnancy, a big move, gender reassignment, night spent in the slammer. The closer it is to being something that could actually happen, the better chance you have of scoring a good reaction.
  • Word processor auto correct. You know when you type a common word wrong, Microsoft Word usually auto corrects it? You can actually create your own auto corrects in Word. To trick your friend, change common words like it, but, and, etc into hilarious words like poppycock, collywagel and Mister Poopypants. When your friend types the word it will automatically change to the word you have chosen. This gag is even better for those friends who are students.
  • Magnetized cup on car. People are generally good. And when they see someone who could potentially drive away with something on their car, they will do almost anything to get their attention. Use their good nature to your advantage. This trick works by magnetizing the bottom of a cup and sticking it to the roof of your car. Drive around and see what people will do to get your attention. If you want to take this up a notch, put something more shocking like a baby carrier on the roof. (Note: the second one is mean and someone might call Child Protective Services.)
  • Ice cube dispenser surprise. Refrigerators that have automatic ice cube dispensers are perfect for playing tricks. Put something like big legos or another toy is the ice cub shoot and watch it surprise your thirsty victim.
  • Shoelace mayhem. This trick takes a lot of time and dedication, but is pretty clever. Unlace your victim’s shoelace and lace them backwards with the tie being near the toe of the shoe. If you do this with every shoe it will take hours to reverse.
  • Rubberband on the faucet. This one is classic, yet it never gets old. Take a rubberband and tie it around the moveable sink nozzle. When an unsuspecting person turns on the faucet they will be greeted with a face full of water. If you are watching nearby, run as fast as you can when they find out it was you.
  • Prank calling. Call a friend saying that their electricity is going to be turned off and they need to stock up on water. Wait and see how much water your friend stocks up before he or she realizes that electricity won’t affect the water flow.


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