Few things make my day feel more hectic than when my surroundings are unorganized. A mess is sure to bring my spirits down and make for a grumpy day. Of course, I don’t always have time to keep my house in tip-top shape (or the energy to constantly run after my toddlers making messes) but if everything has a place then my day becomes easier. Here are few tips for keeping things in order.

Use a bread holder or something else you wouldn’t mind on the counter to store electronics

Wow that was a long header. But seriously, I hate it when there are wires and phones and camera’s sitting all over my kitchen counter. I happened to have a bread holder that I wasn’t using for bread (it always got moldy too fast in there) and now all the wires and devices are neatly hidden away in something that actually looks like it belongs on the counter. Super handy and super cheap.

Invest in a mail holder

The other thing I don’t like on the counter is mail. Especially the days when all the ads come. I like the ads, they help me shop smarter and cheaper, but I don’t like them on my counter. A simple metal-mesh paper holder is stored in one of our kitchen cabinets, so now I have the ads just where I need them.

Do something once a week

I’ve heard this referred to as the ‘never spring clean again!’ tactic. That is, you take one messy spot once a week and clean it up. De-junk, organize, and clean. It won’t be long until the entire house is in order. The more it’s done, the less you have to worry about throwing things away.

Allow room for messes

As I said in the beginning of this post, I don’t have the time to keep everything together. So I allow room for messes, or should I say a room. If my kids mess up their rooms, that’s okay. I’ll make them clean it up before bed, but during the day that is their place to make a mess. I used to store toys throughout the house, but I’ve come to find that if I do the toys themselves end up spread throughout the house. So I keep everything to their rooms where it is out of sight, and out of mind.

No one wants to feel stressed out when it comes to organization. These simple tips can help you get on your way to happier, healthier, life.

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