“Whatever the tasks, do them slowly with ease, in mindfulness, so not do any tasks with the goal of getting them over with. Resolve to each job in a relaxed way, with all your attention.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master

Today is the day my life will flow with ease and gratitude, without hurry or worry.  Here is what I imagine will happen.

  • I will mindfully invite the family to wake up before dawn, as I sing or chant a holistic, zen-pleasing song.
  • I will meditate as I cook a peaceful, unhurried, home-grown, sugar-free, cholesterol-free, zen breakfast.
  • I will retrieve my one-year-old from inside the refrigerator where he is cracking eggs on tupperware.
  • I will mop up what the dog suddenly did under the high chair –with ease, peace, and gratitude.
  • I might turn up the volume on the holistic chant just a bit to drown out the sound of the older kids’ fighting that is echoing down the hall.
  • I will continue task at hand without worry or hurry.
  • I will remind myself to be in the moment.  Feel the moment as the dog runs past with last night’s dirty diaper in his mouth.
  • I will continue the task at hand, cooking, with mindfulness, not hurrying to get the task completed.
  • Now the one-year-old has four of his fingers in his nose and is screaming.  Think:  do not hurry; do not worry.
  • Now, the toilet has overflowed and the older children are using a plunger as a light saber to re-enact Star Wars in the hall.
  • I might consider raising my voice at this point.  But I will reject the idea.
  • I will proceed cooking, with mindfulness, not hurrying to get the task completed.
  • I might retrieve one-year-old from the stairs’ gate, where he has almost broken the child proof lock.
  • I might grab a candy bar from the cupboard.
  • I will then put the one-year-old easily, without struggle, into his high chair.
  • Breakfast is not ready. I will give him the rest of the candy bar.
  • The baby is blue and screaming for more candy. Chant a little more energetically to keep him interested.
  • Turn on the t.v.
  • Now the children are all sitting at the table, banging their forks on their empty plates.  Pick a new breakfast.
  • Pour high-sugar, low-nutrient cereal in bowls.  Tell the kids to name one thing they plan to give to the world today.
  • Strap one-year-old down once again, this time with the seat belt attachment and the tray.  Watch out for flying candy bar.
  • Turn the t.v. up a little louder and stop chanting holistically.  Take candy away from dog.
  • Put dog outside.
  • Retrieve one-year-old from behind the bookshelf in the living room.  He has escaped the high chair and is playing with the electric outlet.
  • The dog is howling very loudly and scratching the paint off the door but there is poop on his tail and I don’t have enough hands to clean him.
  • Resume chanting morning affirmation words:  my life flows with ease and gratitude.
  • Retrieve the one year old from the bathroom where he is bathing his toys in the overflowed toilet.
  • Let the dog back inside, but hold up his tail while escorting him to the tub.
  • Take the one year old to the kitchen sink and deposit him in the side that doesn’t have dirty pans in it.
  • Forgot to lock the bathroom door and the dog is out.
  • Also, we are out of milk.
  • Let the kids pour their cereal in the dog’s dish and pass out candy bars to everyone.
  • Consider screaming and swearing more seriously.  Again, reject this idea.
  • Consider putting the baby and the dog in the tub together.  Quickly, reject this idea.
  • Tell the older kids to go to school.  Do not sign their homework passes as there is toilet water and dog poop on my hands.
  • Turn on shower.
  • Strip baby’s pajamas and diaper.  Shower him above the dog in the tub.
  • Yes, I still have clothes on and am soaked.
  • The older kids have missed the school bus.
  • Re-diaper and dress child.
  • There is a lot of water all over the carpet in the hallway.
  • Leave half-cooked breakfast and dishes as they are.
  • Consider turning off the stove burners and the shower in the tub on the dog before leaving house.
  • Drive kids to school mindfully.  Be in the moment.
  • Sing contentment chant to keep one-year-old mindful of his moment, in the car seat.
  • Is it time to trim the Bonsai and rake the sand yet?

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