So few of us have a full time job doing something we love. Most of us, myself included, only have jobs for the paycheck. The only problem with that is the days that go by unfulfilled. I know I have felt on more than one occasion that there is no purpose to my life. I just do the same things everyday and I never feel like I am doing what I really love.

First let me just give you an affirmation, your life is not a waste. Yes, the day-to-day can be taxing but it doesn’t have to be the end-all be-all. There is so much more to life. I know, you don’t have the money to do the things you really want to do. I don’t either, but that doesn’t mean I can’t live a full and happy life.

So how does one go about doing what they love? Does anyone have the secret key to a happy life? Well no, but there is something you can do to help yourself along the way.


Figure Out What You Love — This is so simple, but hard at the same time. If you knew what you loved you would be doing it! The reality is, it might not be as easy as that. I am a stay-at-home mom. This is often a thankless task and I really felt like I needed something for me. So I tried to figure out what that was. A friend of mine from high school ran a very successful craft blog, and she made me think that I could do it too. So I tried my hand at sowing. I soon found out that not only did I have no talent in it, I didn’t like it.

Next I noticed a few more friends opening etsy shops. How fun! I thought, I can’t craft, but surely I can do something. I love to cook so I came up with idea of making homemade fortune cookies. They would have really snarky fortunes that could be customized for an event with not only cool fortunes but colors as well. I did a few test batches, got pretty good at making them, then found out what laws I would need to follow to sell my food on Etsy. My kids would not be allowed in the kitchen while I cooked. Even if I could have done everything else, there was no way I could have complied with that one. I never know when my kids need me so I had to give that up.

Then I realized something. In my sowing adventure I made little books for my kids. In my fortune cookie adventure I enjoyed writing the fortunes the most. I didn’t want to do what all of my friends were doing. I wanted to be a writer!

I had started a few novels but never been serious about anything. The day I started my own writing blog changed that. Now I’m knee deep in writing and loving it. Not every day is a dream (thank you writers block!) but I feel like I found my calling in life. I even have a publisher interested in my work.

The fact remains that it’s not easy to find what you love in your life. But, it can be done. Don’t be afraid to take a leap and try something you never have before. The results may surprise you.


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