My day consists of chauffeuring kids to different destinations; making three meals a day for said kids, and somehow finding time to write and blog in between. My husband spends ten hours at work, not to mention the forty-minute commute each way. The fact is, we are both busy. Both us run ragged until the kids bedtime hits. By eight o’clock our nerves are so frayed all we want to do is collapse into bed.

However, we know if we try to go straight to bed after spending an entire day working our tushies off, we will have a hard time sleeping. Thoughts about what we did throughout the day and what we need to accomplish the next day would overwhelm us into tossing and turning all night.

It’s human nature to need a release at the end of the day. Sometimes watching T.V. does the trick but sometimes it doesn’t do enough to ease our minds. What can be done then? Finding a relaxing hobby, of course.


Play a Game

I’m not talking about getting yourself involved in anything super competitive, but rather something that gets your mind working and calms your nerves. Puzzles are good, if you enjoy putting the pieces together and taking a few days to figure it out, puzzles can ease the mind. Puzzle games like Free-Cell and Chess may do the trick as well. I don’t know the science behind why these clear the mind but they seem to work well for me.


Go for a walk

On a warm summer eve nothing cures my jitters more than easily than a walk. I would recommend leaving the headphones at home and taking in the scenery. Plus without the music pounding in your ears your brain can process all the events of the day and take in what you might need to do in the day to come. By the time you’re done walking all of your thinking will be sorted out and that can lead to a good night’s rest.


Make Something with Your Hands

We all learn differently and we all relax differently as well. I like to ease my brain into relaxation, but my husband is a hands on type of guy. Gardening, fixing things, origami, and hand puzzles these are the types of things that relax my husband. For him, getting his hands dirty is what clears his mind. Something about working by the sweat of your brow can rejuvenate the consciousness making it easier to sleep.


Hobbies don’t have to be anything spectacular. All they need to do is provide you with one simple thing, a place to relax. We all need an escape from the hustle and bustle of this world and a hobby is the perfect place to find your zen.


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