Let’s face it, not every day is filled with wonder and excitement. In fact, most days it’s all about what we can do to get by. The same routines, the same people, the same results. But that doesn’t mean that life has to be about the mundane. Yes, the mundane takes up the majority of our lives, but if we focus on the small moments then we can find happiness.

It’s hard to hold onto that one great moment we had during the week, but I believe seizing that moment is precisely what we should be doing to find joy throughout the rest of the week. Here are a few tips to help along.


When You’re in The Moment, Live it

Or in other words, learn to recognize when you are happy. As you go through your week be aware of those times when a smile naturally graces your face. Think on what was happening to make that smile appear and hold onto it. Not only that, but try to recreate it throughout the week. Make sure it comes from a genuinely good and healthy place. Now use that happiness to your advantage and spread that moment to those around you. Before long you’ll find yourself in that same happy place because everyone else is happy as well.


Don’t Spoil the Moment

Or, don’t think about the mundane when you’re in that moment. There is always something else you could be doing when you are happy. Don’t think about it! What you could be doing doesn’t matter. Your sanity does. That kind of guilt is only going to drag you down and make you even more depressed than you where before. When you have a moment of happiness, don’t let discouraging thoughts block them out. We all need to have moments of happiness, that is nothing to feel guilty about.


Recognize That it is Only a Moment

I wish I had the answer for constant happiness, but I don’t. What I do have is the knowledge that we will not be happy every moment of everyday. That’s why when we do have a moment we should enjoy it. But we shouldn’t be waiting around for the next moment either. That isn’t living life. If we live only for those happy moments then the majority of our lives will be wasted. We have to understand that these are our lives. We may not enjoy most of our day but we can put everything we have into those mundane times, which will make it all the easier for you to have your moments unspoiled.


There is no key to happiness in life. We all have to find that happiness in ourselves. It is something that has to be worked towards. But don’t forget to enjoy it while you’re there. Find that balance that will bring you the most out of life and keep at it. Life is worth it.


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