With all of the fad diets in the world, it seems like almost everyone is trying to lose weight. But believe it or not, there are many people who are on fad diets to actually gain weight.

People looking to gain weight might be underweight naturally and want to bulk up, need to make weight for a sport or just can’t put on the pounds. It might seem shocking to overweight individuals to hear that someone actually struggles to gain weight, but it is an issue.

Just like losing weight, gaining weight can be dangerous to your overall health if it is not done correctly. If you are looking to gain weight, here are some tips on how to do it safely.

An uninformed person might think that all it takes to gain weight is to eat a bunch of calories. Just pull out the soda, chips and cake and just gorge like there is no tomorrow. This kind of lifestyle is so unhealthy. And a quick weight gain on that lifestyle can be seriously detrimental to your health.

So simply, to gain weight you do not abandon healthy eating; you just eat more of it. Gaining or losing weight is directly connected to how many calories you ingest and how many calories you burn. The more disparaging the ratio, the more weight you will gain or lose. If you are trying to maintain your weight, you would want the ratio gap to be very small.

Start by increasing your caloric intake, slowly and increasing. Most dietitians would recommend 5-6 small meals daily instead of just the regular three.

For most people who are trying to gain weight, the goal is to gain mass and muscle not fat. That is why it does matter what you eat. In order to quickly and efficiently build muscle, give yourself a wide variety of foods with different nutrients that fuel muscle growth. Lean meats like chicken or fish are a great way to get in protein which can quickly be turned into muscle.

That being said, look for high calorie foods that will keep you full. Ditch snack cakes and potato chips that will give you useless calories and enrich your diets with nuts and avocados which contain healthy fats and are also higher in calories.

Working out is another necessary step. It might seem counter-intuitive to eat more and then work out, but good, well-thought out exercise is what will turn those extra calories into the lean muscle you seek. Strength training is essential, but don’t ditch your cardio workouts because you are worried about burning too many calories. Your heart needs the work to keep strong and healthy.

You can also sneakily toss in some calories and protein with protein powder. Add to any smoothie or milk to up the ante on your protein intake.

Note: with any diet or weight management plan, please consult with your doctor to tailor a plan to specifically fit your needs.

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