Friends, we all like to have plenty of them (facebook numbers anyone?) but we don’t always get along with them.  Friction with friends causes friction in our lives. It’s never fun to be fighting with somebody you’re close to, especially when it’s one of your best confidants. The truth is, friendships can’t always be repaired, but I do have a few suggestions on how to keep those friendships healthy.

Be a Friend a Friend Would Like to Have

The old adage is an adage for a reason. No one likes to have one sided friendships. Reciprocate kindness. In fact, don’t be afraid to initiate it. People like to feel loved, there is no harm in being the person doing the loving. You may be surprised about the love that comes back to you. Other people surround themselves with those that reflect the best quality’s in them. If you are always dragging your friends down, they won’t want to hang out with you. No one likes a party pooper.

Don’t Borrow Money

I can’t stress this one enough. Nothing builds resentment in a friendship like money borrowed and not returned. If you want to switch paying for a meal, that’s fine, but do not ask to bum cash off of your friends. Not only is it rude, but it’s insensitive to your friends. Very few people are made of money, and those types of people hang out with other people made of money. If you ask for money, not only do you come off as desperate, but your friend is going to be wary of you paying them back. They may still give you the money, but don’t expect your friendship to last if you don’t reciprocate quickly.

If You Need Time Away From a Friend, Let Them Know

There are some people in my life who I love to tears, but I can’t spend every waking moment with them. I like to be around people, but I also need my space. It’s okay to say no when a friend asks you to hang out. You will still be friends. I would rather know how a friends feels about me up front, then have them sneaking behind my back and telling other people how they can’t stand me. A good friend will understand when you need space.

Communication is Key

It’s just as true of a friendship as it is of a marriage. If you are a real friend, you will be open and honest in your friendship. Generally speaking, people are good at perceiving fakes. If you’re lying through your teeth, a friend can sense that. I can guarantee that fakeness and lying will ruin a friendship much faster than hurtful honesty will. Honesty is always the best policy, really.  Don’t be afraid to tell your issues, but there is no need to be rude either. You can be tactful and honest.

Friendship is an important aspect in our lives. Friends buoy us up and keep us sane. Don’t let your best friend slip away because of a simple mistake.

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