We all have to deal with stress, but there are times in life when the stress can seem all-consuming. If only we had fairy godmothers who could wave their magic wands and give us everything we need to take the stress away. Real life isn’t like that. We can’t just hope that our problems will disappear, we have to work at them. The harder we work, the more stress we are under, and since we can’t make our problems disappear we have to find ways to unwind those knots so that we can function in normal society. Here are a few techniques that have worked for me.


This is not about crossing your legs and holding your fingertips together while chanting “oohum”. This is about finding a quite place and concentrating on breathing and relaxing. We all need a quiet moment during the day, and meditation is a great way to get that. Find a comfortable place to sit (but not so comfortable that you fall asleep) close your eyes and take deep breaths. Try and make all of your breathing the same. Count in your mind if you have to, and tell your body to relax one part at a time. I like cross my legs and put my hands behind me so that I can feel my body getting the much need breath. It the clears the mind an nourishes the soul.


If you where to see someone pacing and talking to themselves, you might find them crazy. However, pacing can be therapeutic, especially if you have issues you need to work through. It’s not crazy to talk to yourself, in fact it’s good for you. Sometimes problems need to be worked out by talking, and sometimes you are the one who needs to do the talking to work through those issues. Pace and talk all you want (in private) to help focus yourself and work through those issues.


Yoga is particularly helpful when it comes to relieving stress. Other times a good sprint will take your worries away. I like to walk around my neighborhood and take in the scenery and absorb all of my thoughts. I have to be alone to do this though, it’s the only way I can get through my issues. Movement is good for the soul. Exercise boosts your endorphins and makes you happier. Of course, you shouldn’t be stressed about not exercising either. That would be anti-productive.


If you can’t work out your stresses on your own, don’t be afraid to confide with someone if they are bothering you. Don’t unload out of anger, but make sure you are calm and have your words worked through first. It’s better to tell someone if they are stressing you out. You may be surprised at how understanding they are. It never hurts to unload your feelings as long as you are tactful. Do NOT unload your problems on someone else (especially in the office) it will get around, and it will be more hurtful than if you told the person straight out.

The truth is we all have stress, we just have to find the right way to deal with it.

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