In a disaster, you won’t have any time to gather survival supplies. Most disasters happen in a split second. And even if you have time, you will not be able to think straight to really gather the supplies that you need.

You should have three kits: one at home, at school and at work/school. You never know where you will be when a disaster will strike.


Home Disaster Kit

Your home disaster kit should contain easy to access survival supplies, especially for if your power or water supplies are out. Your kit should also be transportable in case you need to evacuate your home.

First focus on what you need to live: water and food. Store bottled water in a cold room in your home. You can have larger quantities (big buckets) and smaller bottles for easy access. You will need enough water for each member in your family, which is about one gallon of water per person per day. Also include in the kit nonperishable foods. These will be items that will not go bad easily and are especially easy to prepare (or have no preparation). It is best if your food is high in calories to give you more energy per bite. Cans of soup are generally not ideal unless you don’t mind eating them cold.

Next gather the next most important items: first aid kit and medications. If you are injured, you will need a way to mend yourself. However, don’t just buy a first aid kit and never open it. In order to use it properly, you need to be able to use your first aid kit. Consider including a handbook for basic first aid. Your first aid kit should also include dust masks for each family member (in case of a dust storm or other chemical problems), personal hygiene items like feminine products, toilet paper, etc. Also gather important medication for family members. Consider heart medication, asthma medication, and other life saving meds. You should have at least a 3 day supply.

The next layer in your emergency kit would include items like a flashlight with extra batteries, a change of clothes, small bills and coins, and good walking shoes.

The rest of your emergency kit will depend on you. If you have kids, you will want to have some comfort items like a teddy bear, coloring book or card games.

Car and Work/School Disaster Kit

Your car kit will contain similar items as the home kit, but more condensed. At minimum, your kit should include a first aid kit, food and water. Make sure to include a good pair of walking shoes, especially if you wear high heels to work.

Other Considerations

If you have a pet, you will need to include extra items in your emergency kit. Add food, a portable litter box and any pet medication. You will also want to include a leash in case your pet gets spooked and tries to run.

Don’t feel overwhelmed. Slowly add to your kit until it is complete.


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