The 21st century is a good time to be alive. Technology is rapidly changing for good, or for worse, and this young generation has been able to reap the benefits of these new products. Here are a few that have changed my life (or ones that I hope will change my life).

  • Anything from Apple. Apple has come a long way since the 1980s. Sure Mac computers are pretty neat, it is Apple’s other products that have really put it on the map. You know what I am talking about: iPod, iPad and the iPhone. iPods have literally transformed how we listen to music. Instead of carrying around a clunking CD player, our music is in digital form and we can carry around thousands of songs. One step above an iPod is the iPhone. In addition to storing your music, it is the ultimate smart phone. With talk, text and internet, it has become the ultimate phone of envy. Then enters in the iPad. Too big for a phone but smaller than a laptop, the iPad is the easiest way to view entertainment.
  • Facebook. The social network has taken the world by storm since 2004. It might seem silly to say that a social network has changed lives, but hear me out. Remember those friends from high school that you never get to see? Now you can easily connect with all of them. Want to find a new recipe? Ask your friend on Facebook for help. Facebook has been a great way to make friends, connect with friends and share your story. I wouldn’t be connected with nearly as many people if it weren’t for Facebook.
  • Hulu. The online streaming website has changed television watching forever. Before any digital recording, TV watchers had to rearrange their schedules to be home. Then entered DVR, however, subscribers had to pay extra for this service. The new kid on the scene is Hulu. No need to rush home to watch TV or schedule a recording ahead of time. You can simply log onto the site and watch most any TV show. For the unpaid version you can go back 3 or 4 episodes. If you are willing to pony up the cash, you can watch almost all episodes of most shows.
  • Kindle. Everything has gone digital, so why not books? Kindle burst onto the scene as an easy to use e-reader. The concept is simple: you can purchase digital versions of your favorite books and store thousands of them onto a thin device. The best part is that the screen is non-reflective so you can read it in any kind of light. No need for a bulky book to weigh down your load.
  • Apps for smart phones. Apps have really made life easier for some. There are apps for nearly everything imaginable. Games, weight loss helps, shopping lists and more. My favorite app allows me to scan the barcode of any item and then it shows me if I can find it anywhere else for cheaper.

Has technology improved your life?


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