I am a busy person. I think we all are in some ways. Sometimes life throws heaps of responsibilities upon us. There are times when I get so caught up in my checklist for the day that I forget to take a moment to breath. Soon all days mesh together and before I know it a week has flown by. By then my house is a mess, my brain is fried, and I’m snippy at my kids.

That is not living. Living is about stopping and smelling the roses. Yes, our lives are going to be hectic. Yes, there are going to be times when we are running around from sun-up to sun-down but that doesn’t mean we can’t take moment every day and appreciate what we have.

My husband is currently interviewing potential employees to take over his position. He’s been coming home every night a little depressed. Each round of interviews is making him look at his life differently. There are so many people out there right now who do not have jobs. People who are older and more qualified than my husband.

It’s given him, and me, a bit of perspective. We are lucky that he has such a great job. The whole experience has made us see that making six figures isn’t what is important. We are just glad he has a job at all. But even if he didn’t, I would still feel lucky.

My sister-in-law is struggling to have children. She got pregnant once, but it was ectopic and she lost the baby. It’s been almost a year and even though she’s on fertility medication, they are still having a tough time getting pregnant.

I’m lucky enough to be expecting my third child this fall. I consider it a gift. I’m lucky to have my family around me and in one piece.

Of course my life isn’t perfect, there are things that I could complain about. But what good would that do? Would I be really living if I went through life focusing on what I don’t have? There are lots of things I wish I had and things I wish I could do.

But none of that matters, because part of living is finding those happy moments that keep us pushing forward through the down times. If everyone were to shift their focus onto the good things that they have, could you imagine the  positivity that would abound?

So you may not have a job. You may not have children (or want any) but I guarantee there is something in your life that you are grateful to be a part of. Another Sister-in-law of mine has been out of work for over a year. But she has filled that time with school and volunteer work.

Even though she doesn’t have job yet, she is making connections in the medical field by helping out at the hospital. Since she’s going to school for medical billing it’s a plus (even if she still has to live at home).

The point is, don’t let a day pass you by without appreciating something in your life. Then you will find out what matters most.

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