I recently read a book called Bringing up Bèbè (Why French Parenting is Superior) and while I can’t agree with everything that was said in the book I did recognize one major problem in American parenting.

Let me preface this by saying I love America. I love how hard-headed we are. How we want things to be a certain way and we aren’t afraid to express our opinions. That is true freedom. The French are snooty with superiority complex.

I hate to say this, but compared to American’s the French are lazy. True, they are thinner than most of us, due in large part to the two hour block they take for meals with NO snacking in-between. But who in America has time for two hour meals? We’re busy we’re working and trying to climb the corporate ladder and we’re not being quiet about it.

On the other hand, snacking in America really should go. I agree with the French philosophy of only one snack a day for the children and none for the adults. Since I read the book I’ve only been eating three meals a day. I haven’t been eating my healthiest, but I’ve still lost weight. Snaking makes a difference.

Plus, I now have more time to get things done during my day, because my kids aren’t always complaining that they’re hungry. I will feed them when the time is right, and guess what? They can wait!

Which brings me back to my first statement. There is a disease in America, and that disease is that we cannot seem to wait. For some reason before I read this book I was under the impression that my children would starve if I didn’t feed them when they asked for food. I’ve been doing this meal plan for a month and my children haven’t starved. In fact they’ve been eating more food that’s good for them.

They eat their dinner no matter what I put in front of them. Why? Because it’s been three hours since snack time and they are hungry! They eat salad! My kids are Two and Four and they eat salad.

Here’s the thing, patient’s is a more important value than we Americans place on it. There is proof that children who delay their gratifications do better in life. Don’t believe me? Read this information about the Marshmallow Test.

The only way to teach our children to delay their gratifications is to make them wait for things. No interrupting the parents conversations. Waiting for meals. Being told that they can’t have everything the second that they want it.

Are we ruining our country by breading children that have an entitlement attitude?

I worked in the customer service department of a major cell phone company at one point in time. Our call center specialized in delinquent accounts.

I was shocked to learn how many people believed they deserved a cell phone even though they couldn’t pay the bill. It concerned me and frustrated me to no end. No one is entitled to anything. Everything must be earned, this is the principal that our country was built on.

The fact is, our country is in bad shape, and our children are going to carry the load of our mistakes. It’s time now to teach them responsibility. If we can’t do it, our country is in trouble.

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