Reading is hands down one of my favorite things to do. I like to read anything: emails, letters, cereal boxes, magazines, etc. But my favorite thing is a good, engrossing book.

Unlike watching TV, reading a book is good for your mind, strengthening your comprehension and vocabulary. A good book can transport you to another world, leaving your troubles behind you. A good book can educate, inspire, amuse, terrify and entice you (and the best books do all of those at once). I crave for the kind of book that I can’t put down. One that I can’t read fast enough, yet I am aching to slow down so it doesn’t end too quickly. The best kind of book is one that can shut out the world- one that makes you forget you are wasting your life away on a four-hour layover in an airport. Quite literally, nothing can help you escape the annoyances of an airport waiting room than a good book.

I am always shocked when I hear that someone hates reading. What?! How can you hate reading? Do you hate breathing, as well? Not everyone needs to be a voracious reader, but in my humble opinion, those who hate to read just have not found something good enough to read.

If you are a self-proclaimed reading hater, I urge you to reconsider. To help, follow these tips.

  • Read what interests you. I find that most college students say they hate to read. Well, of course! If everything I had time to read was assigned to me, I would hate reading as well. To get the most out of reading, you need to read about something that interests you. If you hate romance novels, don’t read one. It is that simple. Thankfully, there is literature on virtually every single subject, so you will be hard pressed to not find something you enjoy.
  • Don’t follow the crowd. Unless you want to. Oprah’s book list and the New York Times Bestsellers lists are full of very in and popular books. Sometimes books live up to the hype and other times they fall desperately flat. You are not required to read a book just because it has an Oprah seal on it. Now if a trusted friend recommends it, maybe give it a shot.
  • Get inspiration on book sites. My biggest challenge is deciding what to read next. Bibliophiles unite on reading social networking sites like and or These sites allow you to connect with other like-minded readers, explore book lists and read reviews. Engaging in these sites will help you get out of a book rut and explore other reading options.
  • Don’t finish up book you hate. Continuing to read a book you dislike just for the sake of finishing is a surefire way to ruin your relationship with reading. I say give a book a 50 page chance. If you are not into, ditch it.
  • Read Harry Potter. This may sound silly, but I can’t tell you how many people who have discovered a love of reading through that series. Give it a shot.
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