I recently read an article in Readers Digest entitled Are you Normal or Nuts? The premise of the article was people asking questions about their mental health. It was mostly little quirks that may sound insane, but weren’t. I even admit to having a few of the quirks myself.

The main thing I learned from the article is that there is a fine line between habits and insanity.  I think I can safely say that the majority of us are perfectly normal (as far as mental health is concerned) We all dream about strange things, but does that make us strange?

There are no defined boundaries for what is normal and what is nuts, but one thing the article brought to my attention was that we all have quirks, it’s taking them to the next step that is strange.

It’s time for me to dish, I have strange habits just like everyone else. Most everyone I meet tells me I’m strange when I say I don’t like Almonds or Cashews, but any other nut is just fine. There is something about the flavor of those nuts that really repulses me. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s a mental thing, but it doesn’t make me crazy.

What would make me crazy is if I faked a reaction to these nuts when I don’t medically have one. Or if I had to leave the room every time someone pulled and almond out of their bag.  The line is there, you can have the quirk, but you shouldn’t have severe reactions to that quirk.

You may be questioning if your quirks are over the line. They most likely aren’t  but you should check with a health professional if you are really worried about something.

How can we keep our mental health in check? I’m no physiologist but I do have one suggestion for keeping everything in good mental order, That is to make sure you have an outlet.

One of the most damaging parts of mental well being is keeping everything bottled up. Make sure you have something or someone you feel like you can share everything with. Writing helps me organize the things I want to say if I have a serious issue. Talking it out to piece of paper not only puts everything in perspective, if often resolves the issue.

On the other hand, writing or talking to yourself (and yes talking to yourself can be good for mental health) sometimes doesn’t handle the situation. If you think you’ve cleared your thoughts by writing them down, but you are still thinking about it, the issue isn’t resolved. It’s important to have someone to confide in when something won’t leave your head. It’s also a good judge of mental health to bounce ideas  off of other people. Don’t be afraid to share. It will help you feel better.

We all feel a little crazy at one time of another, but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer alone. If you feel crazy, do a little research, talk to people and find a health professional if you need to. In the end it’s best to keep our mental health in check so that we can live a healthier life.

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