A wedding is considered is one of the most important days of a couple’s life. There are so many considerations: date, time of year, wedding dress, cake, food and of course, the location.

The location of your wedding sets the tone for the rest of your life as a couple. Here are a few wedding location options, with pros and cons to consider.


Destination Wedding

A wedding in an exotic locale is a fun way to start off a new life together. A breathtaking location is the perfect celebration of a new union. Plus, the photos are bound to be beautiful. It can be a memorable time with family. A destination wedding, for better or worse, tends to have smaller guest attendance. This can provide a more intimate ceremony without the hoopla of hundreds of semi-strangers wishing you well. Instead of paying for a three-course meal for 200 people, it is more affordable to pay for a handful of people.

Unfortunately, a destination wedding can be extremely pricey for guests. And for those who are stiff on finances, that can mean that some will not be able to attend. A destination wedding can also put in a cramp in your planning, especially if your wedding is in a different country. Different countries have various customs and regulations for the actual marriage. The stress of finding reliable vendors is painful in your own country, but in another it can be a wild card.


Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding has similar pros to a destination wedding- the photos can be breathtaking. Outdoors give you a lot of options for decor, guest list (it’s the outdoors! The sky is the limit), and it is dramatic. An outdoor wedding can help you cut costs- who needs decor when you have mother nature doing all of the work?

However, an outdoor wedding does have its downsides. First, the weather is unpredictable. Nothing ruins an outdoor wedding more than an unexpected torrential downpour, wind storm or other unforeseen issue. That lack of control is the biggest deterrent of an outdoor wedding. Plus you don’t have control of other things like temperature, the placement of the sun and bugs. There are big costs with outdoor weddings, especially if you plan on using a tent. Tent rentals (especially for the good, sturdy kinds) are expensive.


All-inclusive Venue

An all-inclusive venue is similar to an all-inclusive hotel: you pay a flat price for the basic amenities. The convenience of knowing that everything- food, decor, location- will be taken care of. You just show up and let the event take place. The venue should take care of transportation, and you will only have to pay one fee instead of haggling with multiple different vendors.

Unfortunately, an all-inclusive venue does have some limitations. You will be stuck with the venue’s catering company and the decor will be limited. Hiring outside help might incur additional fees. Your wedding will also lack your personality and original flare.


Which wedding location works for you? Only you can decide.

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