Becoming a parent is a desire for many people. A cooing baby and that baby smell are enough to make anyone want to have an infant to hold.

But being a parent comes with costs. And I am not talking about the costs like lost sleep, a messy house and constant diaper changing. I am talking about the financial costs. Being a parent is not cheap. Babies require constant care and stuff.

Your new bundle of joy does not have to eat you out of house and home. You can still have a happy baby and a full wallet with a few of these simple tips.

  • Enroll in a study. My friend is getting all of her ultra sounds throughout her pregnancy for free. And it is not through her insurance. Our local hospital is doing a study on new moms. The perk for the participating moms is that they get their prenatal care for free. Contact your local hospital to see if similar programs are offered. Prenatal care can be quite expensive, so any bit helps.
  • Don’t buy stuff. This is especially important for new moms. With your first baby, you are unaware of what stuff you will like, want or actually need. And everyone has an opinion on what they think you must have. Know that a baby does not need to have the best cashmere blanket, most technological advanced mobile or ergonomic stroller to be happy. Take an inventory of your life and what your needs are and go from there. But start small. Remember, you can always buy something that you need. But you might not be able to return something that you realized you do not need. This philosophy will save you big bucks in the long run.
  • Make your own baby food. Traditional canned baby food has preservatives and other ingredients to help keep it fresh until you are ready to use it. However, you can create your own baby food that will be more organic and cheaper. Doing it yourself will allow you to control the ingredients and texture to suit your baby. Thankfully, making your own baby food has never been easier. The makers of the Magic Bullet have created a smaller product especially designed for making baby food.
  • Use cloth diapers. This really is a preference item here. Some people can handle cloth diapers and others are simply grossed out. But if you can handle it, it might be able to save you a bundle while saving the environment at the same time. Cloth diapers are reusable which uses less funds to continually repurchase and will stop filling up landfills with diapers.
  • Trade babysitting. Find a good, reasonably priced sitter can be a challenge. Hiring a sitter is the easiest way to double your date night costs. For three hours and two kids, a sitter will cost at least $30. Save money by trading babysitting with another couple in the neighborhood. This will give the kids a play date and you will get a stress-free date night.


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