We all have that burning desire to really live. We want to be able to feel like our lives are filled with things that make us happy. When someone asks us “What do you do?” we want to jump up and down with excitement and spill all of our best stories because we finally found that ‘thing’ that makes us feel like our lives are complete.

So few of us actually get the luxury to work in whatever it is that would be our first choice in an occupation. But that doesn’t mean we should give up our chance to live.

Finding a calling in life doesn’t mean you need to making money at it. What it means is that you need to find the one (or two) thing(s) that fulfill you physically or creatively.

My dad is an engineer by trade. Although he doesn’t mind his job, his real passion is the great outdoors. Hiking, skiing, boating, or unicycling. He does it, and that is his passion. He once worked as a ski instructor and ski patrol as a second job, but he decided he prefers to do it on his own terms without pay.

My mother is a computer programmer by trade but her passion is music. She sings, plays the guitar, and the piano. There have been times off and on when she has taught singing and guitar lessons. Even though my parents make enough money at their jobs, they still have a passion for something in life that fulfills them more.

Me? I’m a mom. My first duty is to my children. But I am also a writer, and that fills me with a sense of accomplishment like nothing else has before in my life.

The point is, even if we don’t have that dream job we can still have a calling in life. We all have something that can pull us out of the mundane and into a place where our lives mean something.

The only problem is, not all of us have found that something yet. The something that makes us more than just drones who commute everyday just for the paycheck. We have to go out and search for that thing that gives us fulfillment.

It doesn’t have to be anything big. You can start running, or sewing, or reading. Or you can go back to school. Or you can join a club. The fact remains that our lives are meaningless if we aren’t really living them. If we have that extra something that carries us through and makes us feel like life is worth living, life will become worth living.

Happiness isn’t about have the most money, the biggest house, or the fanciest car. Happiness is about grabbing life by the horns and holding on tight for the ride.

It’s time to get off our couches, turn off our T.V.’s and set down the beer. It’s time to go out on find what makes life worth living.

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