Your honeymoon should be the best trip of your life. It is the relaxation of the entire wedding process, a culmination of the most joyous occasion of your life. And it is the perfect way to start your new life together: just the two of you.

When planning your honeymoon, there are many things to consider like price, location and type of vacation.

One place to consider is Latin America. This southern part of the hemisphere has a lot to offer travelers: adventure, romance and a get-away from anything you are used to.

Here are some of my favorite places.


Peru is one of the most beautiful locations in South America. The Andes mountains create a landscape that cannot be beat. Plus you get the history of the famed Machu Picchu.

With Peru, you get a stark difference in the way of local life. In the capital, Peru, you will find trendy hot-spots with restaurants, hotels and shops that cater to the tourist crowds. But you won’t call this a resort town- it still is rich with traditional history.

Further away is Cusco (like in Emperor’s New Groove) which is home to Machu Picchu, which is a sacred Inca site in the Andes mountains. It is almost a pilgrimage to hike to the sacred site; it is often landing on the ‘wonders of the world’ lists.

Peru is the perfect location if you are hoping to mix adventure with romance. You can hit Machu Picchu for a part of the trip and spend the rest of the time lounging on pristine beaches.


Nothing says honeymoon like Beliz. But like Peru, it has a lot to offer.

Belize is popular among American tourists because it is a short few hour flight away. English is the national language because the country was colonized by the British; this will help eliminate any language barriers.

Water sports are made for Belize due to its gorgeous clear waters and scattering of closely laid islands. But those who want to stay on land will still have plenty to do. Belize has thick, lush jungles that creates a perfect atmosphere for exploring. The country also boasts Mayan temples throughout to entertain even the most picky history buff.

For the romance seekers, private islands  can be rented for even more seclusion. And Belize is home to many gorgeous waterfalls which scream romance.


This most southern country in Latin America is oozing with passion. The country is bursting with gourmet food, great outdoors and of course, dancing (tango was born here!).

Argentina is on the opposite season- so when you are freezing at home in the states, board a flight for gorgeous Argentina! Beunos Aires, the capital, has historical significance- Evita Peron was buried there.

Argentina is a wino’s heaven. With a wine region that rivals Italy’s, you can sample famous wines while dining on exquisite food.

Like other spots in Latin America, you can get in touch with nature through horseback riding, hiking or swimming.

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