Life can move by in such a blur. Wake up. Eat. Go to Work. Eat. Sleep. We can lose track of what is important in our lives. Have you every stopped to consider the impact of stopping? Of taking one moment everyday to reflect on your life. Not just on the negative things but the positive ones as well?

I think as a society we have lost sight of how to stop and smell the roses. We don’t know how to do anything other than our routine. Then we look back and ask ourselves where the last week or month or year went. Because we never took the time to really appreciate or do.

Make a List

I think in terms of words. It helps me to sit down and make lists. In a quiet moment of pause where I can write down what I’m grateful for and also ponder on what makes each day worth living. I don’t have time to write in a journal every day, so a short list of things that make me happy helps me re-evaluate my life and make sure I’m headed in the direction I want to be in. It takes me less than ten minutes but the rewards are a more stable and happy me.

Say it Out Loud

To go hand and hand with my last suggestion, some people work better when they read things out loud.  It’s one thing to think something and to put it on paper but it saying it out loud can be an affirmation to yourself that what you’ve done that day is good. It never hurts to hear your thoughts spoken out loud. It can be a way to get bottled up emotions out into the open. Do it for your mental well being, and do it so you’ll remember that your life isn’t a total waste.

Walk it Off

In times of extreme stress I find walks help me center myself and find balance in my life. Just the act of wandering and pondering helps me work through the knots of my stress and smooths out the bumps of my life. Stretching your legs and getting fresh air is good for your body too and bound to make you feel happier.

Get a Hobby

Sometimes the most cathartic thing to relieve stress is doing something with your hands. Some people like to knit or sew. Others draw. Some do origami or puzzles. Still, others tinker and build things. The movement of your fingers and the concentration of the task can help that stress roll off your shoulders. Plus, you are accomplishing something which can bring great satisfaction to a life that lacks the spark of actually living.

The first step in curing the busy blues is to stop and realize you are too busy to appreciate life. The phrase stop and smell the roses is around for a reason. We can get so busy we put on blinders to our lives and forget that the purpose is to actually live.

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