Oh man! It is your first time to jump from a plane. You always kind of wished to do it, but never had the guts. Turns out, that with a group of 10 other friends, you don’t need guts…or a brain. 🙂 The date is set and the fee pre paid. All you need to do is show up.

It’s funny how when people hear you are going skydiving they assume that you are going to be the ONE whose chute doesn’t open and dies. You shrug off the dampening comments and try not to think about it too much. You have also heard that more people die in automobile accidents than die jumping from planes and not even sheer number wise, but percentages. A fewer percent die in plane jumps than die on the freeway. Sounds like you’ll have a more dangerous time driving to the jump site than actually jumping…

But something inside of you isn’t cooperating with the statistics that are supposed to bring you comfort. Your mind, when idle, reels with thoughts of possibilities. It would be one thing if you were still single and not married with kids, but that time passed a while ago and you now have some responsibilities. For some reason it’s not enough to get you out of the jump altogether, you may be trying to prove something to someone, but whatever the reason you decide to just not think of the jump and go forward with it.

A couple weeks before jump time, a feeling comes into your mind to look into life insurance prices. It’s not exactly a thought you like, but you realize that in lieu of not jumping from the plane, the next best thing would be to insure yourself against the unlikely possibility (VERY unlikely possibility you tell yourself) of dying on this, your first jump ever.

So, here you are, reading an article that describes your situation to a T. You fill out the information above and before you know it, BOOM! You have some quotes from the best life insurance companies around and guess what? They are totally affordable. You make sure to double check that you’d be insured even if the cause of death was a malfunction that occurred while participating in an extreme sport. Sure enough, there is and you get everything squared away and buy life insurance.

Strange, now that took the step of protecting your family against your unlikely death, your feelings are calmer about the whole experience. There must have been some feel good chemicals released when you provided for the future and insured against your death. You have a sense that you’ll be alright and that even though they won’t need to use it, your family will be alright as well. They’ll soon have their daddy back home with a windblown grin on his face and a story about how he cried all the way up insisting that he didn’t want to go.

Well, thus ends another happy story of someone who wasn’t afraid to buy life insurance and protect his family.

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