I’ve been to many concerts in my time; Pearl Jam, Madonna, Grateful Dead and others, but NEVER have I seen anything near the hysteria that I’ve seen at a Michael Buble’ concert. It’s like all four New Kids on the Block, Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson all rolled up into one. For some reason, there seems to be an instinct in females that makes them want to screech high pitched notes and grab for things that they cannot have. It seems rather childish I know, but I think it’s a survival mechanism of some odd sort.

Anyway, I only tell you this to illustrate a little point: that if you plan on going to a Michael Buble’ concert in the next little while you may wish to get buy some life insurance before you go. Seriously, getting trampled and leaving your wife and family without financial support would be one of the absolute worst things that could happen to both you AND them.

There is not much more I can say about this. If know any females ask them what they think of Buble. They will typically remain pretty coy and down to earth, but something happens between the time they say that without him there and when he comes down the aisle at the concert. I think that there is also some form of multiplying factor that happens when other women begin their screeching and grabbing. Before you know it the whole crowd is giddy and grabby. It’s not a pretty site man.

Another thing, if you are going without your wife, there’s a good chance that she’ll try to kill you when you come home, though I am not sure, even if she were listed as the beneficiary, that she’d be seeing any of that insurance cash.

Chances are more likely that someone tipped you off to the delight that seems to come over all women when taken to a Michael Buble’ concert and you are there, together. Well, there are still no guarantees that the very woman you married will not turn into one of those excited fans that seems to lose all sense of preserving a mate being trampled by other Buble’ groupies.

So, just trust me man, if you have tickets to see the man, with or without your wife, make sure to buy some life insurance before you go. There’s a saying that seems to fit in right about now. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Be open to the possibility that you may not come home from a concert like the one I’ve described above. While in all likelihood you will have absolutely no problems seeing Michael on stage, you just never know. I mean you could get in an accident on the way there with all the traffic. Because no one knows when their time is, it’s probably best to just get some right now. Fill out the form above and let’s hook you up. J

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