Down the street from my good friend’s house in California there is an amazing Asian buffet. We went there with our families last time I visited. The food was exquisite, to die for…literally. So here’s how the story unfolded and I’m proud to say that before it all went down I made sure to by life insurance. It was just a feeling I had, not some twisted way to help my family make bank.

We had met just before lunch time, because our friend knew how popular this little joint was and while it’s packed all day long, there is no working with the crowds that converge there when everyone is off of work for an hour. We got seated relatively quickly, after about thirty minutes. By that time all of mouths were watering because of the delicious an unique smells wafting from the kitchen and out the front door to where we were waiting.

Our friend ordered something for us all since it was our first time there. Soon, before my wife and children sat a feast fit for an Asian king. It looked absolutely delectable in every way. I’m not exactly sure how many ways food can be delectable, but if there is more than one, it looked delectable in all of them!

We were all so hungry that we all began chowing while we were getting the rundown on what we were eating. It was about midway through my first bite of the puffer fish dish that I sensed something was not right. My tongue became limp and my pipes clamped shut. It was truly horrifying. I leaned over and the fish flopped back onto my plate. Everyone could obviously tell by the look of sheer horror on my face that something was very wrong.

Our friend called for help and began to speak quickly in another language to the waiter. As I struggled for breath and life the waiter ran hurriedly back into the kitchen and brought back a syringe. I guess serving puffer fish they were ready just in case it wasn’t cooked right. The injection came not a moment too soon. I had just passed out on the table and the liquid quickly pulsed through my veins to remedy the near fatal mistake.

When I came there was an ambulance outside and medics running through the door. I was coherent enough, amazingly, to speak to them. The immediate danger was gone and they checked some vitals to make sure of it, but then left just as fast as they had come. Everyone was a little stunned by the even, but soon resumed eating. I too began to eat the rest of my meal, after the puffer fish was removed from the table and I was reassured that there would be no more problems with the rest of the meal.

It’s amazing just how quickly death can stare you in the face and I had that been my time to go, I would have been very grateful for the life insurance I had just purchased a couple weeks before. You never can be too sure or careful!

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