I guess it had just always been one of those childhood dreams, ya know? Some kids wanna go to space. Some want to be a firefighter. Well, I wanted to be a professional sumo wrestler. Kind of great, but funny at the same time, how kids never really consider the obstacles between themselves and their dreams. I mean, my father had to sadly let my sister down as he struggled to explain why she couldn’t become a unicorn. Well, he probably would have done the same for me, but after witnessing the heart wrenching nights of crying herself to sleep, I thought that if I never shared my dream, then nobody could tear it from me.

So, it stayed in my heart and I would always pretend that I was a sumo. Of course as I grew older, wearing a loin cloth around the neighborhood became less and less of an acceptable thing. But when I was in private I loved the feeling of the towels tided to cover just the essentials. I guess there was never really a chance that most people would understand, but I soon found one that did. He was like my Mr. Miyagi. He grasped the nature of my desire and taught me to hone it, to establish discipline in my life so that one day I could compete.

The other problem that came up pretty quickly was my lack of body mass. Boy did I ever lack in this area. When I was a hefty 70 pounds, others my age who sought to compete were already packing on at least 130 and some upwards of 150. WOW! Well, I tried to remember the childhood dream and how all obstacles seemed like a joke to one like myself.

Mr. Somatu taught me well over the years, but because of my weight issue that never changed, he never let me in the ring. Instead, when I turned 20 he told me to go find a nice girl and get married. I did eventually and kinda lost touch with him. I put the whole idea on the back burner the necessities of life required that I work to support my new family. Wendy and I had 3 beautiful little girls and we both felt richly blessed. I felt like it was okay that I hadn’t lived out my sumo dream of my youth. It all seemed kind of silly now.

Well, one day my wife was reading from an old diary of mine and came across many entries that talked about all I had been working towards and never achieved. It was quite an interesting thing for her to bring up at the dinner table one night, but she did. She encouraged me to give it a go. We began watching sumo matches on television together to get an idea of what it was all about.

Well, it was after one match in which one wrestler was knocked down, became unconscious and soon thereafter died that Wendy started having a few doubts about the idea that seemed so great to her at the time she brought it up. But she held her ground, sure that me reaching for my dreams would be best. I agreed.

Well, just to help her feel a little more comfortable with it all, I made sure to get one of the best teachers, promise to practice extensively before getting in the ring with the “big boys” and of course buy life insurance just in case. Ya never know when your dreams may lead to your demise.

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