Just sit right back and I’ll tell you a tale, a tale of the best life insurance kind. It’s not about the money per se, but spirit in which it’s left behind.

A lonely man was given a room to rest, a meal to fill his hungry belly and a smile to warm his heart. At first it was awkward for him to accept their offer, but with the warmth of the invitation it was hard for him to refuse. So, in a place for the first time since he was young, he grew strong again. First his faith in himself, then his confidence in others. It was a slow process, but it mattered not how quick it came, for it came.

He initially did odd jobs to share his gratitude for what he had been given. It was a feeling that was fairly new to him, but one that he welcomed. Thankfulness helped to heal his doubts and it soon led to him wishing to do more than hold his own, but to expand and contribute in meaningful ways that allowed others that droop with despair as he once did to get back on their feet as well.

So, with a little help he found a job where he could contribute and feel the joys of productive labor. After a time he had saved enough and was managing well enough on his own that he offered to pay the loving couple that had taken him in for the place that he had been calling home for almost a year. They kindly refused and encouraged him give to others as they had given unto him.

The thought warmed him as had their initial kindness. Giving to others, but how? The question stuck with him for some time. He moved away and got his own place, because warm by the work of his own hand and the character of a friendly couple. The memory soon grew dim of his life on the streets and he found a lovely girl to marry. He shared with her the same love that had blessed his life years before.

The two grew old together and eventually the man passed away. It was the last will and testament that his wife continue to bless others through the money he left behind in the form of his life insurance benefits. And so she did just that. With wise planning she lived off a minimal amount and with the rest fulfilled the wishes of her passed husband. With the money she built a new home and gave it to some caring people to use to house those who needed a little help to get on their feet.

She was blessed by his love. He was blessed by the couple’s love. And many others continued to be blessed through the gift the man had left behind. This was the best life insurance that money could buy. It wasn’t used selfishly, but rather to help another as he had been helped.

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