Just sit right back and I’ll tell you a tale, a tale of the best life insurance kind. It’s not about the money per se, but spirit in which it’s left behind. All planes come down and all trees eventually fall, but the love you leave behind is what’s remembered by all.

I was so eager to learn magic as a child. I remember when my dad and I went to see David Copperfield perform. I had seen him walk through the Great Wall of China, Escape from Alcatraz and many other great and marvelous things. It wasn’t so much what he did, but that I had absolutely no idea how he did it.

I spent time pouring over books explaining how to do magic tricks. I never learned much more beyond the average card tricks you see everybody do at parties. While I never became a pro, I remained mesmerized by magic and even considered what would happen later in my life after my father’s passing bit of magic itself.

At some point when I was a kid my father had had a disagreement with his own father and it led to the other kids taking sides. Not before too long half of the family wasn’t speaking to the other half. My father remained close to his Mother, as did all the kids, but his father and the other siblings of my father stopped talking to him. So growing up I never got to know my uncles and aunts.

Well, as children we didn’t know any better, but knowing that there were family members that we didn’t speak with was a bit unsettling each time I would think about it. I didn’t even know what the whole thing was about, but it still affected me. I grew up happy, but always with a tinge of uneasiness.

So, it was really surprising to meet them all at my father’s funeral. I mean they were family, but we just had never known them and thus didn’t expect to see them. Well, something magic happened that day and it was the well thought out plan of my father.

He had written a letter to be read in the family meeting before the funeral. The letter described how each of his family members had richly blessed his life. I am still not sure to this day what the disagreement was about, but something that Dad said in that letter touched the hearts of his siblings and his father. It wasn’t just his death that did it either. After the letter was read, my mother handed an envelope to her father in law. It was money for him and each of his other children. I gathered that Dad had been right all those years ago in the quarrel that started the separation, but not wanting to bring shame on any of them, kept his mouth shut. The money came in part from the life insurance money he had left Mom. And it came with words of forgiveness and instructions for each of them to start fresh and to use the money bless the lives of others.

Grandpa along with our aunts and uncles were regulars in our life from them on out. Dad had loved them the whole time and never fostered bitterness in us kids, so once the hearts of his father and siblings were touched, we came to know and love Dad’s family. He left us with more than the insurance money when he left, he left us with greater love and a reunited family. That’s the best kind of life insurance, the kind that works magic & heals wounded hearts.

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