I had never seen a more beautiful sight. The water was deep blue, the air warm and the cliff overhung an amazing cove below. I had cliff dove in some amazing places before, but this was just plain indescribable. It was just before I entered the water that I realized what a mistake I had made. The water looked so perfect that I had forgone checking for rocks below. I can’t believe I broke the diver’s first rule. And now was not the time to get some life insurance to help my live in mother with her medical bills. Here is how it all played out.

When I was just a kid my mother took me to a local pool to see how I would fare around water. Well, she apparently had not noticed the slight webbing between my toes and fingers. I was BORN to be in water and she soon found out that she had a swimmer on her hands.

Well, I continued to swim every chance I got and by the time I reached high school I was captain of the swim team and we took state each year I was there because I taught everyone else how to grow webs too. It was a great feeling.

College held a new challenge for me. It was there that I was introduced to diving. No, not the run off the edge of the pool and see whose cannonball could create the biggest splash kind of thing. I am talking about the climb higher than your house and do a bunch of flips off a platform that doesn’t bounce and enter the water with the least amount of splash kind of stuff.

Well, as it turned out, web footed kids are pretty good at that too. I was soon training all incoming team members. We would go each year on some trip to a lake that had some great ledges where we could practice conquering our fears and develop some team comradry. It was then that I really developed a great love for diving, at the edge of some of the best known cliffs in the western U.S.

Passion had bit me and I was hooked. Swimming had always come naturally, but diving, now diving filled my entire body with a thrill that I could never quite put into words. It was not just adrenaline, I am quite sure of it. It was a peace and freedom that filled my veins when I dove. It was pure magic.

Well, just at the height of my confidence I made one of the stupidest mistakes that any diver could ever make. It must have just been costal air whispering to me. Whatever it was, it was not well thought out and though my team mates urged me to check to make sure the water was deep enough I assured them it was. I could tell because of the color. To prove to them it was alright I would dive first. Placated by this reassurance, I dove. It was my last.

It was a sad way to go, in my prime. But the saddest of all was that I left a mother desperately in need of my help. I needed some life insurance to help her just in case something happened to me. Well, something did and I did not expect, nor was I ready for it.

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