A Happier Life: Giving Yourself a Time-Out

Think about this question for a minute: What do you want out of life? If someone asked me I would have a myriad of answers: I want to be a good mom, I want to be a good wife, I want to be a novelist, I want to be a friend, etc. etc.  I want all of those things, but I also want to be happy. If I’m constantly running myself ragged to achieve my goals I’m overlooking the most important want I should have: I want to be happy.

How often do you hurry through life only to breakdown? What we need are more time-outs. If we take some time for ourselves then we can find the balance we need. Here are a few inexpensive suggestions to help you release.

Take a Walk

This one is my personal favorite. There is something about walking that helps me short all of my thoughts, center my problems, and find balance in my life. Walks open my eyes to the world around me and relive my stress. I feel better just writing about it. Your walk doesn’t need to be long, just long enough for you to find harmony.

Read a Book

Don’t sit down and squint your way through that Charles Dickens novel you’ve been struggling to finish for three months now. Pick up a book you know you would really enjoy. Surprise yourself by picking up something that grabs your attention at the library. Peruse reviews and samples on Amazon.com. Just find something that can bring the zen back into your life.

Get Creative

I once knew a man who would do origami in his spare time. His life was so hectic that he told me it was the only thing that would calm his nerves. Maybe for you it’s sowing or drawing or even playing video games. Just get your hands working until you can tangle through all of your emotions and feel better again.

No matter which way you do it, we all need time-outs. Find yours and become a happier person.

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