Best Life Insurance Tales: Calmed the Seas

Just sit right back and I’ll tell you a tale, a tale of the best life insurance kind. It’s not about the money per se, but spirit in which it’s left behind. All planes come down and all trees eventually fall, but the love you leave behind is what’s remembered by all.

A sailor traveled the seas with his two sons trying to make a living. Typically there was not much to it, throw in the nets and bring up fish. However, when the seas became rough and the waters tossed to and fro, the ease with which the sailor family pursued their livelihood ceased; in fact, the fishing itself ceased. It was on troubled seas that the family themselves because troubled, worrying and waiting for better times.

One cold March morning the team decided to share their boat with several other local fishermen who had lost their own boats in the last big storm. In his wisdom the sailor had taught his sons to spot ahead of time the warning signs of brewing tempest. When the signs were seen, the ship hurried to shore and all above deck was fastened down. Several times other fishermen had seen them heading back to shore and scoffed at their early departure from the sea. By staying out as long as they could before the storm hit, other sailors were often able to get in one more good catch. The tradeoff this last time though was their ships.

In his stereotypical fatherly wisdom the fisherman took pity on the men who had lost their ships and brought them aboard. They carried their weight and before long fish were teeming over the sides of the bins. It was a good day for catching and the men had just got going when one of the sailor’s sons pointed to the sky and calmly observed, “Look father. There will be a storm.” The father nodded and gave orders to prepare to return to port.

The men objected and insisted that if they stayed longer they could double their catches and help speed up paying for new ships. Besides, they said, there was no indication of storms. But the boys had been taught of the weather and its subtleties. They knew a storm well off, and their father was firm in his decision to return.

Grumbling, the men helped to secure the fish and upon returning to shore they fastened down the deck. Then waiting, they grew frustrated when still no sign of storm was seen. It was not ten minutes later that the sky began to swirl and the seas tossed in preparation for the show to come. The other fishermen now marveled at the foresight of the boys and their father. The storm grew and became like the one that had destroyed their ships. They may have just lost this last ship as well had the captain of the rig heeded their pleas to remain on the sea.

Well, the man grew old and passed on. In his will he left behind the ship to his boys who were now strong men. He also left some money from his life insurance policy. With it they were able to secure a loan for a number of other ships with which they gave solace to the storms still raging in the hearts of the fishermen who had lost their own ships. They rented out the ships to those men and with the wisdom of their wise teacher the men learned how to keep protect ships against future storms.

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