Best Life Insurance Tales: Gave Sight to the Blind

Just sit right back and I’ll tell you a tale, a tale of the best life insurance kind. It’s not about the money per se, but spirit in which it’s left behind. All planes come down and all trees eventually fall, but the love you leave behind is what’s remembered by all.

I can still remember the thick coke bottled glasses that I wore as a kid until the 6th grade when I got contacts. The glasses really didn’t bother me. I could take them off and see very fine details on my hand and other objects when I put them close to my face. I guess the only problem was other children. It was to be expected. Kids often make fun of other kids, especially when they’re not begin watched by adults.

Well, the teasing I endured really took a hammer to my self esteem. I was always pretty shy at first when meeting other kids. I didn’t know whether or not they would be the teasing kind until after getting to know them a little.

Well, this is not the main part of my story, but just a segway into where I am really taking you. I grew up and forgot about all the teasing and names, etc, but never really got over the feelings. I would often put up walls between myself and others. I needed to keep myself at a distance still and after a while it became clear that though I could see, I still was blond when it came to how to let people into my world.

Well, when I hit 25 years of age I received a letter from my mother. It told of an account that my father had set up in my name before he passed away in my early teens. Into it he had placed some money and have given my mother instructions to place money regularly from his life insurance benefits. She had done so faithfully and on my 26th birthday it would be mine according to his wishes. He had left it for me to help soft out my life if it wasn’t already done so by then. Dad had known that I struggled all growing up.

Well, at first I was excited to get Dad’s money, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I would be sitting around waiting for my life to happen. I determined to start looking deep inside and asking some hard questions. . I started to get honest about what I wanted and looking for answers into who I was becoming and whether or not I liked that.

By the time my 26th birthday rolled around I had been on an intense journey of self discovery for some time, thanks to the little spark by my mother’s letter and my dad’s gift of his life insurance. When the day came I felt so confident about where I was going and who I wanted to become that I determined to take the money Dad had stowed away for me to “get things figured out” and help someone else to do the same.

I had been volunteering for the past couple years down at a shelter for troubled teens. I used Dad’s money to develop a program to help them discover who they were. It followed my own journey of awareness. I shared the idea with the leaders at the center and they supported me whole heartedly. Within another 6 moths they had helped me produce a solid program for self-discovery that I began teaching. Now many have gone through that program and responded amazingly. It was all thanks to getting clear on who I was and what I wanted out of life, but let’s not fail to mention the help we received from the best kind of life insurance, the kind that gave sight to the blind.

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