Best Life Insurance Tales: Healed the Sick

Just sit right back and I’ll tell you a tale, a tale of the best life insurance kind. It’s not about the money per se, but spirit in which it’s left behind. All planes come down and all trees eventually fall, but the love you leave behind is what’s remembered by all.

I can’t even describe adequately my parents. Mom was the kind of lady that would give a stranger the coat off her back if she saw the need. And trust me, she always saw need. Wherever we went Mom had this kind of honing device inside of her that helped her to uncover wounds in people’s hearts, lives and situations. I was surprised once to hear her offering a man a ride to another city…50 miles away! That’s just how Mom was.

Dad wasn’t much different. He was always helping neighbors fix their cars and things around their house. He never let an opportunity go by to see how others were doing and if they needed anything. It was inspiring to watch. It was so natural to him, not forced at all. He did it all willingly, not begrudgingly.

Well, those are my folks. Pretty great huh? They really helped a lot of people through hard times temporally as well as emotionally and spiritually. Us kids were able to gain so much from growing up with them as our role models. They loved us first and foremost. When we had needs, they stopped what they were doing to make sure they were met. Of course they helped us to help ourselves so we too could be in a position to help others more readily.

Well, I want to relate to you one final act of service that my father did for my mother. It was something he knew would come and he prepared well for it. Mom was getting sick and Dad always spent time by her side to tend to her needs. But as great as that is, he did something even greater, he died. Well, it wasn’t the dying that was so great. It was hard for Mom, but when she found out that Dad had been putting money away regularly into a life insurance policy without her knowing she felt one last embrace and one last sacrifice from her beloved companion.

Dad’s life insurance money helped to pay for Mom’s medical bills. She was sick for a while, but the added money from Dad let us get access to some of the best doctors and treatments. She’s out now and well again, blessing the lives of others as she always had done. Now that’s real love, preparing for a day where you won’t physically be there anymore to help out. Dad invested in the best life insurance, the kind that heals the sick and allows them to continue helping and healing others.

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