Got a Wife? Get a Life Insurance Quote Online

So you just got married huh? You and your honey may have just returned from a sweet honeymoon where you were able to experience some very precious moments connecting and feeling the power of the life you just began together. You may still be on cloud nine and thinking, “this can’t be real. It hasn’t really hit me yet that I’m married.” Well, whether you are a bright young couple or been married now for some time, there is something that you are going to want to take care of sooner than later. If you got yourself a wife, make sure to also get yourself a life insurance quote online. It’s quick and easy and it will be a sign of your love that is much more telling than the diamond ring you just sold your four-wheeler to be able to afford.

Let me share with you the stories of two men and their wives. You can take from it what you will. My hope is that it will help you see that love is much more than a diamond ring, a couple words or even the commitment of marriage.

The first man found his sweetheart while they attended high school together. He was on the track team and so was she. They ran together and talked about everything under the sun. When he finally asked her to marry him she was thrilled and said yes without hesitation. This was her dream come true. This man spent money to let her know how important she was to him. Flowers, presents and chocolates were staples in his plan to make her happy. The smiles gained form purchases were short lived however as the man developed a cyst in his leg that turned out to be cancer. Within a few short months his new wife was left a widow. No more presents. No more support from the work he had been doing.

The second man had also met his wife in the school he attended. She was in his math class and for some reason, though they never talked much, he had always liked her. She was hard working and a sincere smile that gave him a warm feeling each time he saw it, not to mention the feeling that came over him when that smile was directed towards him! Well, this man too eventually grew to know this young lady more and asked her to wed. She was grateful and accepted the proposal. Together they began building their lives together in harmony with principles they had been taught would lead them to joy and happiness. One bit of advice this man received from his father was to get some life insurance early on in the marriage. It doesn’t cost much to insure that the love you are building can help provide after you are gone.

So, the second man got some insurance as advised and soon he too developed a fast moving disease that began to drain his life from him. And in the final moments of his life he shared with his wife some chocolates, a rose and a card expressing that even though he’d be gone, his love and support would remain.

Now can you tell from these two scenarios which man loved his wife more? They may have both felt powerful feelings of well being while with their spouses, but the second man expressed his love not only in the moment, but in the planning for the future against a time that he would no longer be able to provide for his loving wife.

Follow the example of the second man and get a life insurance quote online today. It’s simple and easy!

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