Got Term? Consider Batman

A bastion of good in a world that at times can seem void of any. Batman is a symbol for many great things about the human spirit. He represents the tenacity to fight against evil and the persistence and ingenuity with which this can be accomplished. It is in the symbol of the bat that the citizens of Gotham City find solace in their dark & dismal lives. They look to the skies to see that although danger and evil lurk, they do not go unchallenged. For The Bat will never cease to put hope into the hearts of the people of the city…

So, what does Batman have to do with term life insurance? Well, aside from the fact that you could probably relate any two terms from the dictionary with enough creativity, I really think there is a connection that you should consider. Batman is a symbol of something greater, of something immortal, of something that will continue to inspire people long after the actual man passes on. Insurance against your life can do much the same for you. Long after you are gone, will the good you did during the brief term of your life be all that is remembered of you or will it be interred with your bones as they say? Get a term policy and make sure that the good lives on.

Batman is a soldier of sorts. He battles tirelessly the forces that would seek to crumble the fabric of Gotham. It is in this stoic demeanor that he gives confidence to the people that no matter the danger, no matter the evil, he will always be there. Life insurance gives similar confidence to those you leave behind. They can trust that no matter the trials they come up against, you have prepared a way for them to shoulder that load financially.

Additionally, Batman has been known to swoop down and rescue people in need. What greater way can you swoop down from beyond and help your family in their times of financial need. Not only do they struggle with your passing, but they also now struggle with the loss of your income if you did not codify yourself in the annuls of superheroes by getting some insurance. Make sure you have the ability to swoop down from the other side and help when your loved ones need you.

Perhaps most importantly Batman shows by actions, not just by his words that he cares for the people of Gotham. How much good would it do if he were to chronical all the depravity, crime and corruption in Gotham from the comfort of his underground layer and then simply issue memos to the D.A.’s office every month stating that he was really sorry all this was going on, that he really cares for the citizens of Gotham and that he wishes the meager police force the best in combating it. No! He gets up and ensures that people know he cares by doing something to help the situation. You too can help the situation, ensuring that those you love know long after you have gone that you care by getting a term or other life insurance policy.

See, now that was not too far a stretch to relate Batman to life insurance was it? I really think that it’s time you consider the life of an immortal symbol by providing for those you love long after you are gone.

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