Got Term? Consider Bauer

Do you have term life insurance? Chances are that you do not. Well, if that is the case let me tell you a few stories of a man named Jack Bauer. Over the course of twenty four hours Jack takes quite a beating and if he were a real person, any number of his near death experiences would most likely result in his literal demise. While Jack’s wife died in season one of 24, he still has a daughter that he could be providing for if he were to get some term life insurance. Whether or not you have a job on the Counter Terrorism Unit you may just be able to benefit from what I share with you today about Jack.

So, Jack. He is an “I don’t take guff from anyone” kind of guy. He always packs heat and he knows how and when to use it. It is his duty to protect the citizens of the United States. Sometimes, well, okay, all the times, he breaks the rules in order to find the terrorist, the bomb or other threat and diffuse it to save lives. Danger is not just his job, it is practically his middle name, though he does dream of a more peaceful life.

One time Jack had been captured by an old colleague of his. This man had now turned to bitterness and terror to speak his mind. He knew that Jack was a threat to his plan to bring about change through the barrel of a gun and thus sought his life. Hung by chains he was stripped of his shirt and given electrical shocks that would threaten to stop his heart. Like I said before, if you were in Jack’s situation, I’m sure you would not be as lucky.

While how he gets out of this dire situation is not terribly important in your decision to buy life insurance I will nevertheless not leave you hanging. After Jack’s torture he was strapped into a chair and monitored with some standard looking hospital equipment. Jack used his teeth to pull off the wires that were reading his vitals and pretended to have flat lined. It was when one of the thugs heard the machine’s steady hum that he came running to check on Jack. What happened next was pretty gruesome, but needless to say he escaped a situation that neither you nor I would have.

Another time Jack was handed over to the Chinese government and tortured for years in an effort to obtain intelligence from him. Well, Jack returned and brought with him the wounds inflicted through his silence. Many break down and give up in those situations, but he withstood the abuse and miraculously, like just about every moment of his life, he came back, ready to face the next challenge and danger.

When we are surrounded by tales of fiction it is much easier to assume that we too have nine lives; that we bounce after falling off a cliff, can get hit by a car and pop up ready to hail a cab or just that we can risk without ever realizing consequences from those risks. Remember, you are not Jack Bauer.

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