Got Term? Consider He-Man

He-man was always once of my favorite cartoons. It was Ninja Turtles that kept me from catching the bus on time in the morning and He-man that welcomed me home from school in the afternoon. I was fond of his half cowardly, half courageous battle cat. I wanted to save the world from the evil likes of Skeletor and his minions. I did not get much better than that back then. Now that I am older, I have to ask myself, were those cartoons just a waste of my time or was there really something for to learn there? Now that I am in the “real world” are there any real world applications in my favorite childhood characters or was it just an experiment in imagination and fantasy living? Well, upon some reflection, I would have to go with the former. Getting life insurance is one way that I can be that kind of He-man for those I love.

He-man was strong, strong I would say than the very powers of death that threatened to take his life. I mean, even the bad guy was a skeleton, a pretty clear symbol of death. By conquering Skeletor, He-man was conquering death. Now, I have put quite a bit of time into thinking how I can trick the reaper for the longest possible time, but I believe that ultimately we all go through the process we know as death. It is in the grave that we lose our powers to affect and protect those left behind, or is it? In considering what happens if I were to die and have a life insurance policy, not only does my family now have memories of me to help them along in hard times, but also has the added provision of the financial support that I sought to build and give them throughout life. Truly, I too can beat Skeletor at his own game.

The battle cat, I forget his name, but when transformed by He-man’s sword and his “by the power of Grayskull” cry he was ready to take He-man into battle, to fight the darkness that inevitable lurked in each episode. We too, in each episode of our lives have battles to fight and while not always the case, many times those battles come with a financial component to them: Going to college, getting a new car, the first house or paying for medical bills. All of these are battles I can help fight, even as a “gray skull” if I have put in place a life insurance policy. It is very exciting to think that with my cry, or rather call, to the insurance agent, I can transform my cowardly cat that passes into death with me, into a fierce and ferocious battle cat that can help my family fight the financial battles that will inevitable come to them after I pass on.

In the power of forethought, spurred on by the mighty likes of a childhood cartoon hero, I am really thinking that there is much that I can do to protect those I love long after I die, thus in a way becoming just like He-man and his mighty battle cat. I know it may sound cheesy, but it really does make me think of the possibilities of beating back the darkness and evil clutches of death.

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