Got Term? Consider Jarod

Jarod is the name of a pretender from the old TV series, The Pretender. If you haven’t seen it, basically what happens is that there are people who have special genius to experience deeply the emotional lives of others; they learn quickly how they operate and can assume any role they wish in society. So far in my viewing of this old series I have seen Jarod assume the role of a coast guard, a medical doctor, a pilot, a policeman, Navy sergeant and many other interesting roles. It is Jarod’s ability to be whatever he wants that intrigues me. I like to consider how I would do the same.

When I think of what I want most to become, it is a great father. I want nothing more than to be the one that my kids look up to and pattern their life after. That of course means that I need to be living the kind of life that I think they should pattern. While maybe not as quick as Jarod the pretender is able to I still want to teach them that they can become anyone they wish to become. To me, this is what it means to be a hero in their eyes.

A father is someone who not only teaches his children to respect women, love all people and be a good citizen, but someone who sacrifices many possible paths to walk down the one of providing for the needs of his family. While there are many changing roles in society, I believe that this is one that need remain; if not with the world, at least in my world. So then to teach is to lead by example. If I wish my children to be mindful of others and their needs, I must then be mindful of theirs.

Thought towards the needs of my children must logically extend from before they are born until the day they die. Unfortunately there is something that gets in the way of most parents seeing their children safely through their entire lives and that is a little rub called death. As most parents precede their own children to the grave, there is often a cessation of support and aid when death occurs. But as I wish to show my children that their father has thought ahead and cares for them throughout their lives, especially during any times of particular vulnerability and need then I am strongly considering preparing for an unforeseen day in which I may leave them.

Term life insurance is something that I can get to help my family beyond the period of my mortal life. It is a way that I can show that I have considered their needs even past the time when I leave them behind to life their own lives.

Now while I may not be able to quickly assume the role of a billionaire like Jarod in The Pretender series I know that I can assume the role of provider for my children a little bit at a time through putting in place a solid life insurance policy.

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