Got Term? Consider Mr. Incredible

In the booth next to yours is a man whose picture is oft seen in the paper. You can’t help but wonder why he is at the circus getting some low quality photos taken of himself and his son. Well folks, Mr. Incredible does not take too many days off and the pics in the papers are always more doctored up than candid family photos are. So, he is here being a normal guy for a change. Does normal mean that he skips getting life insuring to protect the whole Incredible family just because he is a superhero? No way! Even Mr. Incredible is vulnerable to death and he knows it. Do YOU got term?

You see, aside from his super powers that allows him to lift cars, jump really far and crush large boulders, Mr. Incredible is just like you or me, he spends time in the backyard barbequing with his family and neighbors. He hires a baby sitter when he takes his wife out on date. And he even drives a compact car that is way too small for him, but it gets him from point A to point B. If you did not see him with his superhero outfit on, you would not even know that he was any different.

The best thing about Mr. Incredible is that he realizes that even superheroes can fall if it is in fate’s cards. There are many ways in which a super hero can misstep and find themselves on the underside of a giant robot’s shoe, unable to snap back into shape. You have to take precautions as an aging superhero with a wife and kids.

Let me share with you one scenario in which Mr. Incredible almost met a quick end in which his beneficiaries almost were distributed the cash from his term life insurance policy.

There he was, teased onto an island where his new arch nemesis was waiting. Too bad he never replied to the fan letters this now disgruntled boy had sent again and again as Mr. Incredible’s biggest fan. He now was up against some pretty high tech ways to get back at the sincere, but way behind in fan mail Mr. Incredible. One of his plots included giant robots that learned from the moves of its opponent and got harder to beat the more you fought it.

Well, after beating back this beast on the island and thinking that the worst had passed, it showed up on the main land with bigger and more intimidating team mates. This called for everyone Mr., Mrs. and kid Incredibles could call out to help this monster. It was not long before we had a guy that could create ice pathways in mid air and surf on them. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, how is he gonna help? Well, I guess he was more powerful than met the eye.

Despite all the help the heroes were no match for the giant robot’s laser destroyer. It looked as though they were going to meet their end along with the rest of the citizens. In the end they were okay, because it is a movie, that is how they end, but in real life things do not always end so smoothly. Had Incredible perished, he would have covered his bases by giving his family the security they deserved; he would have given them term life insurance. Will you do the same?

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